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Preparing to Leave for College

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Be prepared with the Cash4Books College Checklist

Getting ready for college is a fun and exciting time. For many college freshman, it marks the first experience living on their own. And as anyone who is living on their own realizes, living essentials don’t just magically appear on their own. (No matter how great of a job Mom did of making it seem that way. P.S. You rock moms!) When preparing to leave for college, it is best to be prepared so you don’t face problems such as:

  • You’re out of clean clothes because you didn’t bring any laundry detergent.
  • You can’t hang any clothes because you forgot clothes hangers.
  • You’re late to class for the fifth time in a row because alarm clock didn’t make it into your moving box.

How can you avoid facing these dilemmas and ones like them?

Use a College Checklist

college checklist

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And that’s where we’ve got your back. With our college checklist, we’ve done our best to cover the essential items you’ll need when leaving for college. It is a great tool for college freshman and parents to ensure they are not forgetting anything when packing for college.

Click the image to view a printable version of the checklist.

A few bonus tips:

  • If you can, contact your roommate ahead of time. Not only is great to get to know them early, you can coordinate on the items you’re both bringing. For example, maybe you’re roommate has a TV and you don’t need to go out and buy one.
  • Check in with your dorm or off campus housing to see if there are any items that are not allowed.
  • The odds are your new washer and dryer will be quite different from the ones at home. Be a step ahead and learn how to use coin operated laundry appliances. Take a field trip to your local laundromat and get some practice beforehand.

Are there any college essentials that NEED to be added to our college checklist? Or do you have any tips for preparing to leave for college? Comment below!

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