Pay It Forward Ideas – Story 7 by Jayda

This story is part of the Pay It Forward series.

random acts of kindnessA collection of Random Acts of Kindness

Free parking: When I visited PCC Sylvania I decided to purchase additional parking passes.  I taped the extra passes to the machine with a note that wished the students good luck on their finals and happy holidays! I also did the same with every parking permit machine I came across while I was downtown.

Killing the cold: When I was a very young teenager I spent half of a year as a gas station attendant as my after school job. I remember how blistering cold it was in the winter and how the gas would make your hands freeze. Gas station attendants are under-appreciated, there are few places in the country that offer this service and most of us take it for granted. I bought a box of hand warmers from Costco and taped a $5 dollar bill to each set. I spent the last month and a half handing them to every team of gas station attendants I came across.

I could not tip the Bell ringers for the Salvation Army but I made sure that they all had toasty warm mittens too!

Free Coffee: I don’t visit many coffee shops but while I was downtown I had to keep warm so I bought the coffee for 5 of the people behind me at the PSU Plaza.

Gratitude and Gratuity: Any time we visited a restaurant over the last couple of months I made sure to give each wait-staff person a little note of appreciation and a little extra ($20 over the 25% gratuity), These people work so hard for so little and endure so much they deserve our thanks.

Groceries: This was interesting and I got a few weird looks, but it was fun. On a couple of separate occasions I passed a note to the grocery clerk with $20 asking her to apply it to the purchase of the person behind me but not to say anything to them unless they asked. I visit the same grocery store and see the same clerk and I was able to hear a re-telling of one reaction, but the best part was that the clerk said it made her day and that for the rest of her shift she put a little extra into every interaction and in return she got a little extra back and some of the best work days in memory. Smiles and kindness truly are contagious!

The toy drive: My husband and I went on a small shopping spree and were able to purchase several fantastic toys to donate to some much deserving and amazing children that are in the foster system this year.

I have to say that this was an amazing opportunity to give back, and I thank Cash4Books so much for providing the means in which to do it! I love this so much I have tried to put random acts of kindness into my daily routine whenever and however possible!




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