Pay It Forward Ideas – Story 2 by Theresa

tipsThis story is part of the Pay It Forward series.

I wanted to involve my kids in this project. We decided to order pizza and surprise the delivery person with a $50 tip.  Delivery people don’t get paid much and $50 would be a big deal to them.

We ordered the pizza, and soon the doorbell rang.  My daughter Sierra answered the door.  A teenage girl was delivering the pizza that night. She handed over the pizza and and we gave her the cash.  The girl looked at the amount of cash, and told Sierra she didn’t need to pay that much. But then Sierra told her to keep it.  The girl said “really? Oh my gosh, really? Thank you!” Then the girl started to cry.

We hope that the unexpected generosity made a difference in this young girl’s life and that she in turn pays it forward.



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1 thought on “Pay It Forward Ideas – Story 2 by Theresa

  1. Jim Thomas

    Just a short note to say I love your ideas for “Pay it Forward” and to offer a simple suggestion for a way to get started for a small amount to get your feet wet…that’s the way us old people talk….When your inline at Starbucks drive-thru it’s easy to pay for the person behind you because they already know what they want and how much it will be. Just tell your Starbucks person to tell the next in line that you said: Pay it Forward. It works.

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