Sell Kidney For Cash? No!

Okay, it’s rather upsetting that “sell kidney” ranks above “sell kindle” and “sell kids clothes” in Google’s autocomplete search. Come on people, that’s crazy!

On Twitter, countless students state their kidney selling intent because of insanely high textbook prices. While we assume they’re tweeting in jest, organ selling shouldn’t be your go-to plan for making extra cash.

Instead of considering the kidney black market, do something thousands of people have already discovered; sell your used books and textbooks to! We have paid out over 10 million dollars over the course of ten years.

Keep BOTH kidneys, and claim your cash today in 3 easy steps:

#1: Input the ISBNs of books you’d like to sell on our homepage. We’ll give you a price quote!

#2: Ship us your books for free.

#3: Get paid! When we receive the books, you get the cash.

If you’re still considering kidney options, check out our other money making suggestions, with 5 ways to turn trash into cash and Lifehacks to make you cash. Seriously, there are some great money making options out there! Take it from us here at Cash4Books!

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