Make Money Selling Books – Selling Them Yourself Versus to a Buyer

To make money selling books online, there are two major options: do it yourself, or sell to an online buyback company. Below are the ins and outs of selling your used books yourself one-by-one, versus selling used books to Cash4Books all at once.

Selling Books Yourself one-by-one:

  • Selling your books individually generally nets you more money.  Although most websites will charge you at least a 15% commission fee, which will significantly cut into your profits.
  • You must spend your time creating a listing for each of your books. This includes condition, comments, and price of each of the books you are selling.
  • You will need to monitor your listing.  This means you must wait for the books to sell and you will need to constantly reprice your books so that the prices are competitive. And after all this, there is no guarantee your books will sell.
  • After your book sells you will need to find, package, and ship each book to each individual customers.  You will need to repeat this step each time a different book sells.  This may mean multiple trips to the post office.
  • You will need to provide the customer service to the individual customers that purchased your books.   This can mean multiple emails, like:  “Did you ship my book?”  ”Where is my tracking number?” “I want to return the book.” “My book is different than described.” “I want a refund”.

Selling Books to Cash4Books:

  • You will know in advance how much money you will receive for your books. And, there are no fees for selling your books to Cash4Books.
  • You will receive the money that was quoted to you.  We publish our condition requirements for you to read in advance so you know what to expect.
  • We provide you with a prepaid shipping label directly on our website.  Or, if you need one sent, we will mail one to you free of charge.
  • You can sell us all your books at once, saving the time and materials it takes to package your books individually.  Just one trip to the post office or FedEx location of your choice.
  • Payment for your books is sent within ONE business day after we receive and process your books.  Whether you opt for Paypal or check–our payment process is fast!
  • We keep you informed about your shipment every step of the way with email notifications: approved for shipment, received, and paid.
  • Need more cash for your books? Sign up for our mailing list, and you will receive monthly promotional offers to get more for your used books (sign up form is in the right column).
  • Selling to Cash4Books saves you time. What is your time worth?

We sometimes get the question of why our quotes are lower than used book retail prices (the prices you could roughly get if you sold the books yourself).  We are not able to quote at retail because the company has expenses to pay for.  These expenses include postage inbound, computer software, marketing, rent for a 23,000 sq ft building, utilities, payroll and benefits, and more.

Cash4Books offers value, first and foremost, as a convenient and time saving service. Secondly, we offer value as a quality service with an exception customer care team. We recognize that people live busy lifestyles, and Cash4Books is meant as a one stop shop for selling used books and textbooks online with a great experience.  However, if you have the time to try selling books yourself, that can be a great option as well.

It is also important to note that we do not buy everything.  In fact, we are sometimes criticized for how picky we are in what we buy. This is generally due to the laws of supply and demand, our current on-hand quantity, and the used book retail value of a book at any given time.

Thank you for stopping by our blog, and we hope you check us out and sell some books!


1 thought on “Make Money Selling Books – Selling Them Yourself Versus to a Buyer

  1. marilyn hirsh

    I am a retired nutritionist with litrally thousands of excellent and in top shape books on nutrition, health, home remedies, natural cures, health-related recipes books, books on improving memory, arthitis etc.I could go on and on. I also have many health-related magazines and bulletins I subscribed to from many health-oriented doctors lik Dr. Rowen, Dr. wright, Dr. Weil etc..I am seeking someone that will give me fair prices and will tell me HOW I send them etc..I would give you my phone # is you are interested in dealing with me. I will anxiously look forward to your reply..I think it would be of mutual benefit if we did business together. I look foward to hearing from someone from yur company.thank you. Marilyn Hirsch, NC

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