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Hi Everyone,

We have an exciting new feature on that enables you, our customers, to make even more money! We understand how it can sometimes be confusing to know exactly which books we are buying at the moment. And nobody wants to enter a bunch of ISBNs only to discover that most of them are unable to be purchased. So in order to reduce the chance of that happening, the Mountain Dew and Cheetoh stained nerds in our IT department were instructed to make Cash4Books easier to use. And frankly, I am impressed with their improvement. is proud to introduce Cash4Books Suggestions!

Whenever an ISBN or a group of ISBNs is entered into our site, we analyze the entered book(s), find related titles, and suggest them to you. Here is an example:

Let’s say that you just finished reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and you wanted to sell it to Cash4Books. You go to and type 9781401323257 into the box on the homepage. You click “Price My Books” and are taken to the results page. If you look right under the results you will see a new box that looks a lot like this:

These are books that our computers predict you are most likely to have and that we are currently buying. To make it even easier on you, if you happen to have one of these books all you have to do is type in the last four digits of that book to add it to your buyback cart. Pretty sweet, huh?

Now let’s say you are in college and are studying American History. You go to Cash4Books and type in the ISBN off of the back of one of your textbooks that you would like to sell back. You click “Price My Books” and under the pricing results you’ll see a box that looks a lot like this one:

Amazingly, the computer predicted three books that you are likely to own. And again, you only have to type in the last four digits of each book to add it to your cart.

We hope that everyone finds this new feature as fun and helpful as we do. Be sure to check it out on your next order and see if we’re able to predict some of the books on your shelf.

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