7 Easy Tips to Lower the Cost to Move – Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

Tip #2 – Lose weight, lower the cost to move.

You need to be honest about what you really need to keep.  Whether you are paying a professional, hiring two guys and a truck, renting a U-Haul, or using your friend’s van, more weight means more a more expensive move.

These 13 books, scanned with the Cash4Books.net iPhone app, fetched $27.11

There are many easy ways to slim down.  A great first step is to evaluate your bookshelves.

I have moved boxes upon boxes of new and used books from Oregon to New York (plus the three cities in between). I now shudder to add up the true price of each book, many of which I am guilty of never reading.  An online price quote tool estimated an average move to cost $1.40 per pound.

One book can easily weigh one pound;  a textbook or reference book often weighs more than 5 pounds.  Now consider that the average household has between 100 and 400 books. You are potentially paying hundreds of dollars to move those books.

Cash4Books.net is referenced by many bloggers as a smart way to de-clutter for extra cash.  This is a double-whammy win because not only do you keep from dishing out cash to move them, but by selling your books you also walk away with extra money to tip your mover, buy your friends pizza, or buy new books at your new location!

Also consider the storage fees and the valuable hours spent unpacking and finding nooks, shelves, and closets to hide or display your books that you may never read again.

For other items like used electronics, clothes and furniture there’s a plethora of re-selling used goods to be done online and it’s not difficult.

Finally, measure your furniture and tape off the areas in your new home where you envision placing each piece. Host your own going-away party and let friends make offers on the items you can’t take. You’ll be able to visit anything to which you are emotionally connected later! I love propping my feet up on “my” coffee table in Brooklyn when I visit.

Tip #3 –  Yard Sale!

Energizing your yard sale will get big spenders.

Energize your yard sale. Host it on the sunniest possible weekend that isn’t a holiday to get the most foot traffic. Post colorful “moving sale” signs on at least 10 corners within a one-mile radius; using PowerPoint slides printed on card stock and stapled to a garden stake is an easy way to accomplish this.

Include neighbors in the sale so that there is a lot of inventory. Also invite your friends to drop by and create buzz. Consider serving cheap lemonade, iced tea or inexpensive snacks to entice people to take a look. You can put a “free box” right out front so people driving by can see it. Slashing prices on the spot is a great way to keep visitors engaged and in the shopping mood. The effort will pay off; we banked $2,000 at a one-day yard sale and it felt more like a party than work!

The final installment of the lower the cost to move series is now available.

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