Wanted: Cash4Books Customer Video Feedback

UPDATE: We have finished collecting videos for the time being. Thank you to everyone who submitted a video!


We are collecting video of our customers answering this question in 30 seconds or less.

Here is how it works:

  1. You record a video using the camera on your laptop or a web cam.
  2. In the video, start by saying, “What I like most about Cash4Books is….” Fill in the blank with something interesting and something that will help build trust for our brand. Possible examples: ease of use, convenience, fast payment, customer service, other?  You could also share your overall experience with selling to Cash4Books.
  3. On approval of your video, the video is combined with other short customer videos.
  4. The combined and longer video of 10 or more customers will be posted on our Cash4Books.net homepage for the world to see.

Click this button to get started:

Here are some examples of what our customers have said:

More details:

  • No one will be publicly “commenting” on your video or rating it in any way.
  • You will be able re-record videos as many times as you wish (if you don’t like how the first one turned out).
  • Please share the link above with your friends that have also used Cash4Books.

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