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UPDATE: Congratulations to our DonorsChoose gift card winner, Andrea Lisa Lopes!

And thank you to all who shared their volunteer experiences and ideas. It is great to hear that so many of our readers are involved in helping out their communities. It is truly inspiring!

This coming Sunday, the team here at Cash4Books.net is going to a volunteer event where we will help to clean up Cathedral Park in Portland, OR. Stay tuned for more details about our experience!

Cathedral Park - Portland, OR

We can't wait to help clean-up beautiful Cathedral Park! Photo Credit: iadk, Flicker

This got me thinking about the many benefits of summer volunteer events. You can get your whole family outside and actually enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. Additionally, if you pick the right volunteer event you can actually get yourself and your family some decent exercise. I know I was pretty sore after one of our previous volunteer events. Finally and perhaps most importantly, you are able to give back to the community!

We’d like to hear from you about summer volunteer event ideas that are great for the whole family. Or let us know about a previous volunteer event that you enjoyed. We’ll pick our favorite and the winner will get a $100 Donors Choose gift card!

10 thoughts on “Volunteer Events

  1. Patti

    Right now I am helping a teacher coordinate getting companies
    to contribute to Joplin schools. They have been devastated.
    I am helping with mainly the speech pathologists. It is so exciting to
    realize that you can do so much using social media. The goal is to have the schools
    open with needed supplies. We are using Donors Choose as one of the main resources.

  2. MJ

    Our family favorite is held in the fall. It’s BEACH SWEEP! Since my husband and I teach, most of summers are spent at the beach. Cleaning our local beach is very important to us and to our two sons. Beach Sweep is always held the 3rd Saturday in September and is a state wide event. (It includes rivers too.)We see the same friends every year and always have a great time. Afterwards, we reward ourselves with a great seafood dinner.

    Here’s a link to the FB page…


    All four of us are involved in other volunteer efforts but this is the one that whole family does together.

    I hope everyone will check out your local chapters for great fellowship, fun and giving something back to our water ways. I hope my future grandchildren will be able to enjoy clean beaches and rivers.

  3. Michelle Francis

    My family holds a party every year for the Make-A-Wish foundation. We have a huge party with all proceeds going to the Rubber Ducky Derby. We do this because we have been blessed by Make-A-Wish. They granted a wish for my niece. We make games, make cotton candy, popcorn, and snowcones and invite everyone to come and donate to Make A Wish. It is such a great opportunity to give back. The kids now all look forward to the party and love to help get others to buy their duck. They help with the games and help pass out the invites. My daughter is 8 and she just loves that we get to do this for other children.

  4. Suzanne Mini

    During the summer, we love to relax on a boat in the lake. What we do is, we go out there with a big net and trash bags, and scoop up the garbage floating around in the lake. It keeps our lake clean, makes us feel good about helping the community, and really makes us feel like we did a good deed. All while relaxing on the boat, in the middle of the water, on a beautiful summer day.

  5. Cheech Robinson

    Disney VoluntEARS! The best volunteer program I have ever participated in. Walt Disney World Resort Florida VoluntEARS are focused on children by creating healthy relationships and a healty lifestyle. Disney VoluntEARS commit many hours to Give Kids The World and other organizations which bring children living with life threatening illnesses, along with their families to enjoy Central Florida attractions, such as Disney World. These families come from all over the world.
    It is such a wonderful feeling to help these families. I would play with the kids, talk to the families about the area, show them maps of the park and plan their day, and just be there to talk to.
    It was wonderful!! If you live in Central Florida, you should take part of this, at least for a day. Summer is the busiest season here, so the most volunteers are needed then.

  6. Tami Miller

    My husband and I have a 5 year old daughter who LOVES to be a “HELPER!” ­čÖé We are both school teachers in a Title I school and have seen how much some of children struggle, for even the most basic of supplies.
    Our local food pantry does GREAT things for the community and one of our favorite things is “stuffing” bookbags for kids in need towards the end of the summer! Our daughter LOVES doing this for 2 reasons: 1 – She loves to let us know what school supplies SHE LOVES! hahaha!! 2 – She LOVES being a “helper” and she KNOWS she’s helping those children less fortunate than we are. It is a great opportunity for us to do something together as a family and it doesn’t cost us a penny! We also love the feeling of helping children and families in need right here in our community. In addition, it has taught our daughter to appreciate what she has and has openend her eyes to the needs of those around us.

  7. Ellen

    I am a big fan of Habitat for Humanity. I have always wanted to volunteer for them. I am not particularly handy nor mechanical, but I follow directions really well and I am a team player. With Habitat for Humanity, anybody can help build a home for a grateful family. Even my young sons can get involved in carrying or painting. I am looking for a Habitat for Humanity project in my area for an opportunity to finally get involved with this wonderful program! I look forward t ovolunteering, helping others and teaching my kids the very important lesson of paying our good fortune forward.

  8. Andrea Lisa Lopes

    I rarely do the same one twice but I love to use a volunteer opportunity to teach my own children a life impacting lesson. Every year, throughout the year, I find those opportunities ranging from feeding a needy family to giving toys and supporting my children’s school events like Beach Clean-up or Toys for Tots.

    Sometimes the small projects have such a big impact. I remember one Thanksgiving, I was teaching middle school and had one student in particular that had a great need for the basics. I encouraged my family (3 daughters (and now 1 son) to go shopping for his family and we delivered the groceries to them. It allowed my girls to see how fortunate we really are.

    I know the power of giving back and the power of receiving expectantly. It can be so surreal for both when it’s very personal. While we do, as a family, participate in Step Out: Walk for Diabetes, it is so small of an impact and we do it for the memory of my father (Daddy Richie) a great man and many of my friends who are living with diabetes. I like the small things too!

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