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April 25, 2011

At, we have always offered free shipping, but we’re always looking for ways to make it even easier for you to sell your books to us.  Unlike many of our competitors, we have a very low minimum order requirement.  You can send us just one book or you can ship larger orders in as many boxes as you need.  Let’s explore the options we have available with the Pros and Cons of each:

1. U.S.Postal Service Media Mail

This method is available for shipments of any size, and is recommended for shipments of order values under $35.00.

  • Pro: Print the labels from your own printer.
  • Pro: Accepted at post offices everywhere or conveniently picked up by your regular mail carrier.
  • Con: Estimated delivery time is 4 – 14 business days depending upon how far you are from us.    (Longer shipping time means a longer wait for your payment)
  • Con: No automatic tracking and not insured against loss or damage

2. FedEx Ground Shipping

Earlier this month, we  upgraded our FedEx system to print ship ready labels.  Instead of having a bar code page that you have to take to an authorized FedEx Returns processing center, you can print the new ship ready label from your own computer.  Just tape it right to the box you’re sending and find the nearest location that accepts FedEx Ground.  Based on your order zip code, we’ll provide you with the four locations closest to you and you can find even more on the FedEx website. There’s no longer any need to go to a special in line for someone to scan your shipping instructions page.

This option is automatically enabled for shipments of order values over $35.00.

  • Pro: Print the label from your own printer.
  • Pro: Estimated delivery time is 2-6 business days.
  • Pro: Tracking number included and automatically insured against loss or damage
  • Con:  FedEx drop off sites may be farther than your front door.

3. Walk-in & Drop off

This option is displayed for customers with zip codes within driving distance of our warehouse: 15370 SW Millikan Way, in Beaverton, Oregon

  • Pro: Can be used for any size order.
  • Pro: Free parking outside our door, or just a short walk from the Beaverton Creek MAX station.
  • Pro: Get to meet our great Customer Care Team in person and browse our bargain section while you wait.
  • Pro: Receive a walk-in credit and immediate payment.
  • Con:  We have only one location and drop off times are limited to 8am-6pm, Monday –Friday.

So, the choice is yours.  We’re willing to help in any way that we can.  If you don’t have a printer (or if, like mine, it is inevitably out of ink when you need to print something important,) you can contact our Customer Care Team by email using the Contact Us form  and select “Labels Request” as the subject . They’ll print some labels here and mail them to you as fast as they can!

For more tips on how to package your books for shipping, see the Cash4Books FAQ or this earlier entry on the Green Frugal.

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