Fundraising Idea For Kids At Home

We have a fundraising idea that your kids can do at home and in your neighborhood.  Collect used books from friends, family, and neighbors.  Then sell the books to Cash4Books using our iPhone app, Android app, or by entering the numbers on our homepage.  A reliable and trusted buyer of quality used books since 2004, our company (Cash4Books) has purchased 1.5 million books from over 230,000 customers. Visit our About Us page to learn more about who we are.

The Fundraising Idea – An Experiment

Theresa, a Cash4Books employee, decided to try an experiment last summer (2010).  She went with her daughter around their neighborhood to try and collect books. They went door-to-door, and in “pop can” style fashion, they asked if people had any used books they could donate to raise  some “summer money”.

Theresa says, “Our only pitch was we were raising some summer money.  My daughter is too young to baby sit, so we had to be creative on ways to earn money.  There are many ways to improve on our first attempt.  Having a cause better than ‘summer money’ would help.  The people that did donate books were very thankful to give them to us.  If this is done right, it could go well.  I accepted any and all books that were in good condition, at least.  I knew I could donate anything Cash4Books wasn’t accepting to different charities.”

The Opportunity To Later Collect Books

What Theresa also discovered was that many people were not ready to part with their books on the spot.  BUT, she felt this could be overcome by letting your neighbors know a week in advance when you will be by to collect books.  If it was a sunny location, you could even say “you can leave the books on your doorstep in a box” or something (canned food drive style).  We have even put together a suggested template Word document for handing out fundraising flyers:



Fundraising For Kids – Step By Step

  1. Download the fundraising flyer by clicking above.
  2. Customize it to fit your kid’s needs, and use some of your own ideas. Putting a logo or some other picture on the flyer might also be a nice touch (or whichever cause you are raising money for).
  3. Print out x copies and have your kid sign each one.
  4. Go door to door, and have your kid introduce themselves and why they are raising money. Leave the flyer if they sound interested and if they have books.
  5. Circle back in a week and collect the books.
  6. Make it EASY: enter them into using our iPhone app, or Android app.  If you don’t have an iPhone or Android, you can still have your kid enter each book manually (it will just take longer). You must be 13 years of age or older to use the Site, which is in our Terms of Use.  So parents, your kids could need your assistance.
  7. Follow the instructions on our website to sell the books and print your FREE pre-paid shipping labels.
  8. Haul the leftover books to Goodwill.

Why this could work beautifully

  • With the rise of eBooks, more and more people are ready to declutter and clear out their bookshelves.
  • No one is doing this fundraising idea.  Going door to door to collect used books is not done very often.  Imagine their surprise when your kid is not selling cookie dough or collecting pop cans.

Reasons why it may not work

  • Not a lot of readers in your area?
  • The books you collect are too old and have lost their value (we generally purchase books published within the past 5 years).  You may find that we do not buy 75-95% of the books you collect (depending on their age and value).  However, on a positive note, the Cash4Books buy list does comprise of more than 330,000 titles at any given time.


  • If you end up getting a LOT of books that Cash4Books is buying, go through checkout every time you have a fill a box of books to ship.  In other words, it is best not to create one LARGE order–go with several smaller orders instead.
  • Start small and test the waters.  If you get some good books, expand to more neighborhoods.


If you have kids at home, we truly believe that this fundraising idea has potential for them. Please leave us a comment below and tell us about your experience with it!

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  1. Jackie

    Not just for kids. I think I’ll be asking all my neighbors. We can even donate the funds to a literacy or children’s charity!

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