How to Avoid Valentine’s Day Fail

So, you’ve screwed up Valentine’s Day. You just completely forgot about it. It does seem land on a different February 14 each year, and all the holiday signs and advertisements are easy to overlook. Whatever the reason, it’s important to admit that you fail at life and strive to overcome that failure next year. The best way to accomplish this is an Emergency Gift Stash.

The Emergency Gift Stash is a box filled with emergency gifts and cards for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. When Valentine’s Day is over and done, rush to all available stores and buy lots of Valentine’s goodies at a discount price. Keep in mind that all the best gifts will be gone, so it’s important to spend a lot of time looking for good cards and gifts (plush animals are good; jewelry is good) Also, don’t buy candy; it won’t be as yummy if you wait a year to eat it. Don’t buy flowers either; they’ll be dead in a year.

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