Valentine’s day gift ideas for her: The Box of Love

–By guest author Rod Johnson

Are you looking for the perfect way to say I love you at Valentine’s Day?  The “Box of Love” is something I have been doing for my wife for the past 10 years or so.

Box of Love

What is the “Box of Love” you ask.

The “Box of Love” is a small box or tin that contains 12 small envelopes.  There is one for each month.  Each envelope contains a date to go on or something to do for that month.  The idea is to open one each month on the first of the month, and find out what is on the agenda for that month.

As I said my wife and I have been doing this for the past 10 years or so and we have really enjoyed it.  We have created many memories.  The nice thing is that the box makes a great place to store ticket stubs and other mementos so that we can go back later and reminisce.

What we do is to sit down after the date, usually over a cup of coffee, and write on the back of the card. We describe what we did, what we ate if we had dinner, that sort of thing.  We call it signing off the card.  Then we put the card along with any ticket stubs etc. into the box for later.  Many times we will buy a coffee cup or other souvenir to commemorate the occasion.

It is not always the most expensive things that are the best.  Sometimes just a walk together or a picnic means more than a night out on the town or a trip.  The important thing is to spend time together.  When I think up the activities, I look for things that we wouldn’t otherwise do.  For example, visit a local tourist attraction.   Have you ever noticed how you never do any of the touristy things until someone visits from out-of-town?   Well this is your chance to do some of them together.

How can I create a “Box of Love”?

First get yourself a nice box or something to put the cards in.  Then get some business card stock at an office supply store.  Get the kind that has perforations so you can break it apart.  Then put your “dates” on the cards print them out and break them into the individual cards.  I like to make it into a little rhyme like:

“The leaves are turning different colors, they won’t be here long.
Let’s take a drive down to the coast, to miss it would be wrong.”

Once you have your cards, make or buy some business card sized envelopes (sometimes referred to as professional, mini, or florist envelopes).  These can be a little hard to find, and of course you can’t really print on them, so I have always made them.  Just print out pieces of paper with the month names on them, and cut them roughly into the shape of an envelope.  Fold the paper around the business card and seal it with a piece of tape.

Finally, put the cards in the box and when you give it to your sweetheart, get ready for the love.

What if I don’t have time to put it all together?

If you are local (in the Portland Oregon area) you can pick up a Box of Love Kit in the form of a heart shaped tin for $19.95 at the McKenzie Books store on Millikan Way.  If you are not in the area, you can order one online at

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