Save trees by opting out of Yellow Pages

Most of us have experienced the plight of accumulating monstrous stacks of Yellow Page phone books. For me, they sit unused until I work up the energy to recycle them or turn them into nifty, little fire starters. I, like many others, wasn’t up to speed on the process of opting out from their delivery. In many cases the opt-out process was not an easy task: it turns out simply scaring away the delivery man was not a viable option for permanent removal from their delivery service. Yellow Book snapshot

For all of you who find yourself in my position, today is your day. The people at Yellow Pages discovered a cool little fad called the internet and decided to make an easy to use opt-out website that allows you to banish these books from your home for good.

A quick trip to will allow you to remove yourself from delivery for any and all Yellow Pages publications. The only question you leave the site with is what to do with all of that reclaimed space in your home.

Save yourself and some trees by opting out today.

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