Decorate-A-Box Contest: RESULTS!

Regular readers of this blog may remember this post from a few months back–the one where we unleashed our first Decorate-A-Box Contest. Some of you may be curious to find out who won the contest. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a winner. Actually, we…um…didn’t have any entries.

Boy, were we embarrassed.

At first, we thought that no one knew what we were looking for, so I was asked to decorate some boxes. I think they turned out well.

In this example, I used sharpies and white-out to create an idyllic wintery scene.

Joan (who also blogs here) asked for a Christmas zombie box. Well, I couldn’t turn away from that challenge.

But my favorite is this festive Cthulhu dressed as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. I think I’ve captured the Christmas Spirit very nicely.

It’s a shame that no one entered the contest. We were all very excited to see how creative people could be.

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