Cash4Books Gives Back to Oregon Food Bank

Sort.  Box.  Pass. Toss. Weigh. Store.

On Saturday, December 11th, ten Cash4Books employees worked with the Oregon Food Bank sorting boxed, canned, and other food items into categories for distribution. Team members served as sorters, tapers, and washers. Some even worked on the conveyor, back line, scale and putting cases away. Together, with other volunteers, our team helped to pack 10,481 pounds of salvaged goods. This amounted to 8,062 meals for people in need, or an individual contribution of 268 meals on the table this week.

Although a ton of fun, the experience was much more physical than our team bargained for.  Everyone was very tired after working with cans and boxes for two hours. Good thing there were bagels and juice after!  🙂

The Oregon Food Bank distributes food to agencies that feed people who are hungry throughout Oregon and Clark County, Washington. According to the OFB “In Oregon and Clark County Washington, an estimated 240,000 people eat from an emergency food box in an average month.“ They also work to address the root causes of hunger through public policy advocacy and education programs. For more information about the Oregon Food Bank, please see their website.

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