Cats break Christmas!

This was supposed to be a post about using the scrap pages (from this post) to create desktop Holiday diorama. Alas, my cats had a different idea. Fortunately, I captured events with my camera…

Behold! A fake snowman made from crumpled paper. I call him Carl. He’s such a cheerful fellow, just look at that smile!

Carl is friendly. Looks how he greets my cat Boris.

And now Herbert, my other cat, shows up. Carl is so popular!

Oh No! Carl!

Boris! What are you doing with Carl’s head?! Boris is so fast that my camera can’t keep up. He’s a lightning cat.

He’s still on the move!

Herbert has to investigate the commotion!

Herbert eyes Carl’s head. Perhaps he intends to retrieve the head and rebuild Carl. Yes, he sees that Boris has lost interest…

No it was a trick! Boris is interested.

And now, he’s standing guard! Oh Carl! You’ll never be complete again.

But wait! Herbert is attempting to be cute and draw Boris’ interest. Perhaps Carl can roll away…

No. Boris is ever watchful. Until…

he gets bored and stretches out for a nap.

Carl had to be thrown away. He was covered in cat drool. He is survived by a Festivus Pole.

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