How To Save Hundreds of Dollars on your Holiday Shopping

Holidays can be a stressful time for people. How and when are you going to get all your shopping done?! The key to surviving the crazy holiday shopping rush is to plan ahead, and you can walk away with hundreds of dollars in savings.

As everyone knows, this year Friday the 26th after Thanksgiving is “Black Friday” where brick and mortar retailers experience stampeding customers, 4 a.m. openings, and mad sprints to the electronics department, not to mention a massive increase in sales. With the economic downturn over the past few years, big box stores have gotten more aggressive with their offers, which means big savings for you.  But that’s not your only day to save.  The following Monday, termed “Cyber Monday” (November 29th this year) is when online retailers post their version of door-buster deals.

How do you find out about all of these great savings? Besides getting on the big box retailer mailing lists, you can subscribe to their email lists as well.  But to get a more comprehensive view (and not get inundated by junkmail and spam) I would suggest going to one of many websites dedicated to consolidating the many retailers’ deals into one location.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals can tend to be electronics focused when looking at Target, Walmart, or other big box retailers.  If you have a favorite store in mind and can’t find their deal, just ask them! Below are just a few examples of websites found when doing a quick search for “Black Friday deals”:

Cyber Monday is the other huge holiday (online) shopping day where you can find ridiculous deals.  If you are looking for mid-priced electronics especially computer accessories, digital cameras, and video games then pay attention to the Cyber Monday deals.  Often, free shipping is part of the online retailer’s offer.  In order to really “win” with any of these deals, it’s important to pay attention to any fine print details.  As with the Black Friday websites, these are websites entirely dedicated to posting these deals.  Here are just a few found when doing a simple search for “Cyber Monday deals”:

Outside of these two big days there are literally hundreds of websites you can utilize to save serious cash.  Popular ones include coupon websites where coupons are posted by consumers as well as businesses.  Some of the more popular ones include:

Two of the rising stars in the online discount world that have given it a unique twist are two of my favorites – &  You can sign up for huge deals offered by local businesses. These deals are always substantial discounts, with 50% off the product or service being the norm.

As you navigate the madhouse that is holiday shopping, try to shop consciously by keeping an eye on what’s green, sustainable, local, and still affordable.  Remember that shopping local supports your local community.

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