DIY Secret Compartment in a Book!

Often, I’ll be watching a mystery movie where someone will pull out a seemingly normal book and open it to reveal a secret compartment! And each time I see that I say to myself, “Wow, I gotta get one of those.” But in the spirit of our do-it-yourself category on this here blog, I decided to make my own and chronicle the adventure. So without any idea how to complete my task, I gathered my supplies and began–desperately hoping my ignorance would not be a problem.

I salvaged a book from the trash. It was a history book filled with knowledge that I would soon destroy. And I found a box cutter, my implement of destruction—and creation!

I opened the book to page forty and drew a square. Then I started gutting the book. My box cutter was sharp and cut through the pages easily. I sliced and sliced and sliced! I was a book destroying, secret compartment creating machine!

But then it got harder. Suddenly, I couldn’t cut clean corners anymore. And I didn’t know how to fix it! My ignorance was a problem!! NOOOOO!!!

So I left them. It’s a secret compartment after all; most people aren’t going to look inside it. Unless, of course, someone is curious about American history. Imagine the surprise they’ll have when they open the book looking for knowledge and instead find—

Pastel Sharpies!!!

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