BRAIN – The future of used book shopping just got smarter

Recently, the dedicated team at (our parent company) has made some really cool improvements to our BRAIN™ feature, so we thought we would mention it to our avid readers here.

What is BRAIN™ you say?

This blog is dedicated to being green and frugal. Since we spend a lot of time with the green life on our minds, it’s no surprise that McKenzie Books has created a tool that is designed to shopping smarter by saving your green and buying green (used books).  BRAIN™ stands for “Books Recently Added Inventory Notice”  – clever eh?

But what does it do?

It’s BRAIN-bustingly simple (nope that’s not a real word).  BRAIN automatically notifies you when we receive books that meet your search criteria, basically a high-tech book wish list.

That sounds cool! How does it work?

When you can’t find a book in quality used condition on , create your own email alert. Simply plug in a search for ISBN, author, subject, or series name.  You choose the frequency of notifications, minimum book condition, and how many search results you want in your emails.  When you sign up for your BRAIN account, we call this “activating your BRAIN” (oh the puns are just beginning).

“Feed your BRAIN” by searching for books that you want and creating alerts.  After you create up to 150 alerts, you might just feel like you’re getting too many alerts, too often.  Not to worry, that’s called “BRAIN overload” and you can delete any or all BRAIN alerts with the click of a button, or even change how often you get them.  It’s completely up to you.

What’s in BRAIN alert emails? Nothing but the bare essential book info, including: title, price, author, and a brief description of the condition of that particular copy.

BRAIN lets us do the searching for you.  Now you can get back to work, because we’ll be honest here, we shop online at work just as much as you do!

Feed Your BRAIN book alert

Feed Your BRAIN widget

Interested in trying out this cool free tool? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Make sure you have a Customer Account by registering here.
  2. You will immediately be sent an activation link to your email address in the welcome email. This should arrive within minutes. If you don’t see it check your junk email box.
  3. Click the activation link and you will be taken back to to log into your account on the right side of the screen.
  4. If you’re not automatically taken to the BRAIN page, click on the “Books Arrival Alerts” tab at the very top of the website.
  5. Voila! You are ready to start creating BRAIN alerts!

For more information you can visit our FAQ page for full BRAIN FAQs.

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