Book Clutter, Part II

So, you have book clutter. Let’s talk about ways to deal with it.

Cash for Books

The first option is to sell the books you no longer need or want. You can check your local independent bookstores to see whether they offer this service or not. Sometimes, they only offer exchanges or give in-store credit.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, check out It’s fast and easy. Type the ISBNs and get an instant price quote. Box them up and print the mailing label. There are no service charges and shipping is free.

Created by Earl Dizon. Illustrations by Michael Bowen.

Books for Everyone

Donating your books to Goodwill or your favorite library is another great way to get rid of that clutter.

There’s also BookCrossing which dub themselves as “the world’s library”. You print out their labels and “release” the books into the wild. You can track where they are- if the recipients take the time to record it.

Books Make Great Gifts

My favorite thing to do is to give books as gifts. A warning, though: Just because you love your first edition hardbound James Patterson novels or your well worn copies of Nora Roberts, it doesn’t mean other people will. Keep their likes and dislikes in mind. And make sure the books are in good condition.

Happily Ever After

After doing any or all of this, remind yourself not to let it happen again. Don’t buy any new books until you’ve read everything in your library. And only add more if you’ve got room.

Parting with books is sometimes difficult. But, at least now, you can properly maintain what you have.

3 thoughts on “Book Clutter, Part II

  1. Angela Campbell

    What a great idea to that Bookcrossing has made. It’s just like what people do with their dollar bills. Love it! I will remember to do this with my books I am done reading.

  2. Rachel

    I always donate my books when they can’t be sold to C4B. Someone, somewhere – will still get good use out of them 🙂

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