What should you buy in October?

As we come out of the summer months, there are great deals to be had at your favorite shopping places. Here are our October recommendations:

  • Cars – model year 2011 are rolling into dealerships right now, make those 2009s look extra “old”.
  • Fishing gear – from ice fishing to fly fishing, all of the gear you will need is on sale now.
  • Winter clothes – check the clearance racks for last year’s winter wear, stores are trying to get rid of last years cold weather clothing right now to make room for the full priced jackets, scarves, gloves that will be on shelves as soon as the temperature drops.
  • Plants – visit your local nursery or garden center to score great priced perennials that just don’t look pretty anymore, just keep them from freezing over the winter and they will bloom for you in the spring.
  • Jeans – retail stores stock up on denim for the back-to-school season and now that studies have been going on for a couple of months, the leftovers jeans are ripe for the fall harvest.

A few more suggestions from the bloggers at LifeHacker.com for deals to score in October:

  • Big appliances
  • Cookware
  • Health insurance
  • Toys

To read further click here.

What deals have you cashed in on this month?

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