Book Clutter, Part I

Cash for books.

Sounds like a great idea, right? But what self-respecting bibliophile would even consider selling anything from their hard earned library?

Many years and much money have been spent amassing such an impressive collection. People have commented on and commended the titles on the shelves. An organized system has finally been settled on.

Why would anyone want to give that up?

I’m not saying everyone has to part with their books, of course. If they aren’t cluttering your life, then by all means keep them.

However, if books are just there for aesthetic reasons- when in fact you know nothing more about them aside from what’s written on the jacket flaps – then things might have to change. If the books have managed to overflow their shelves and become mountains around the house, then things definitely have to change.

For the Love of Books by Earl. Illustrations by Michael B.

The first step in any problem is acknowledging there is one. After that we can discuss solutions.

How do you stack up? Do you have book clutter? Or are they organized in a way that would make even the strictest of librarians swoon?

1 thought on “Book Clutter, Part I

  1. Helen

    I like to ‘sell’ my books at places like Green Bean Books on NE Alberta at 16th and get credit for new books. This way I know my books will be enjoyed by someone else, I get some new books for myself and I support local businesses like Green Bean Books!

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