Free Recycling!

I’ve been using websites to find great free stuff for a while now, and it surprises me every time I talk with someone who doesn’t know about them. While some go out and spend $200 on a new dining set, I found mine for free – and it’s nicer looking!

Just a few things I’ve snagged:

  • A toddler bed in great condition
  • Clothing for my kids
  • Clothing for me!
  • Two BIG bean bag chairs in new condition
  • Food
  • Plants
  • A really cool kid’s art desk

Generally you have to go pick it up, but sometimes they’ll be nice enough to deliver.  What’s a few cents lost on gas when you get a free TV!

These are the sites I visit most often: (the free section!) (this one has another list of even more free-recycling websites!)

You can even specify what you want by posting “Wanted” ads! Of course, it’s all local to whatever town, county, state, etc. you live in, just specify!

When you’ve satisfied your “gimme gimme” craving, give back and free-recycle your unwanted but still in good condition (or not) stuff!

Happy sharing!

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