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This is a FREE app for your Android phone. Sell textbooks and sell used books with the official app. Scan book barcodes with the built-in barcode reader and get instant price quotes from anywhere. Ship your books to us for free and get fast cash back! Download now and start selling your books for cash.

  • SCAN barcodes into the app or enter ISBNs with the built-in keypad.
  • GET INSTANT PRICE QUOTES for books and textbooks that Cash4Books is purchasing.
  • STORE your list of accepted books' ISBNs and price quotes.
  • CHECKOUT and sell the books within the app by signing in or creating a new account.
  • PRINT your emailed packing slip and pre-paid shipping label at a computer.
  • NO PRINTER? Easily contact us to have labels mailed to you.
  • SHIP your books for free, with our pre-paid label.
  • GET PAID! Choose PayPal or mailed check.

Great reasons to sell books with our Android app

  1. College students: use the app for your end-of-the-term textbook buyback. We offer competitive prices for selling college textbooks with our online buyback.
  2. Recent college grads: dig those college textbooks out of your closet. Sell textbooks that you'll never read again!
  3. If you are a book scout, use it for Android app book scouting.
  4. Save yourself time and energy by taking your Android to your bookshelf instead of lugging your books to your computer to hand key the ISBNs.
  5. In addition to selling textbooks, scan and sell many other hardcover/paperback fiction and non-fiction books.
  6. Use it as an Android Fundraising App for schools, or your favorite charity.

The Cash4Books mobile apps are powered by Vision Smarts barcode readersThe Cash4Books mobile apps are powered by Vision Smarts barcode readers! Visit for more information and tell them Cash4Books sent you.