Textbook Buyback: Fast, Easy Cash for Students

Textbook buyback is an easy way for college students to make extra money. Find out the quickest and easiest way to sell your books.

Selling your textbooks is easier now than ever. No more waiting in line at the campus bookstore to find out you’ll make pennies on the dollar for that book that cost an arm and a leg. As textbook buyback experts, we’re here to help you get rid of those books while putting some extra cash in your pockets.

Selling your pile of books can be daunting, and the easiest option may seem like trudging to the bookstore and standing in line with dozens of your peers while you wait for your turn. Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else? We thought so. There are so many textbook buyback options available, you’re bound to find the one that works best for you.

Not every textbook buyback program is the same.

Textbook buyback options

Not every textbook buyback program is the same. Let’s compare the two most popular methods for selling your textbooks.

Campus bookstore

What you’ll find at your campus bookstore varies greatly from what you’ll experience selling your books online. A campus bookstore is used to buying back books from the most recent term, as they expect the next round of students to need those materials. Textbook buybacks at most university and college bookstores need to be in good condition without a lot of markups or annotations.

If a professor changes a course subject, or chooses to assign a newer or different edition, your textbook may as well be as obsolete as a landline phone. You’ll also most likely encounter long lines and not the best textbook buyback prices, especially if you head there at the end or beginning of a term. If you wait and the store has already fulfilled its textbook buyback allotment for that title, they won’t be interested in purchasing your book.

Textbook buyback online offers flexibility and ease.

Selling textbooks online

Textbook buyback online offers flexibility and ease. Here at Cash4Books, we’ve worked to make it seamless and convenient. Using our handy mobile phone ISBN scanner to easily scan book barcodes (or typing them in manually on our website) gets you an immediate quote for your titles. If you have a lot of books to sell at one time, our bulk ISBN feature allows you to enter up to 1,000 titles at a time. Though you may not have that many, entering the ISBNs all at once can shave time off the textbook buyback process.

At Cash4Books shipping is free and easy. Just print a label, pack them up, and pop the package in the mail. Payments are usually made within 24 hours upon receipt of your textbooks. Cash4Books is a family-run textbook buyback business, with a customer care team ready and willing to help along the way. We’re available for any and all your most common or obscure textbook buyback questions and concerns by phone, email, or social media. You’ll get a real person who actually cares about making your textbook buyback experience an easy, convenient one.

The web offers many textbook buyback options, with Amazon being one of the most familiar. Large corporations like Amazon generally only reimburse in company credit, limiting where and how you spend your reimbursement. So, if you’re saving for a getaway, car, or just need some extra cash, you’ll want to find a textbook buyback company that pays you in cash, not store credit.

So what are some other things to consider about the buyback process?

Textbook condition

No matter where you decide to sell your textbooks there are a few things to keep in mind regarding condition. In-person buyers will take the time to scan the pages looking for margin notes, spine condition, and pronounced water damage. Online companies also have very high standards for textbook buyback. To get the most money back, make an effort to take care of your books during the term. Use bookmarks, take notes in pencil, and limit highlighting. Cash4Books has a Used Book Condition Policy dedicated to textbook buyback condition, so you know how to treat your books as you use them. 

No matter where you decide to sell your textbooks there are a few things to keep in mind regarding condition.


You’ll also want to consider the edition and demand for your book. Sure, this really isn’t something students have control over, but if your copy is a newer edition of a title, you’ll be a shoo-in for textbook buyback. A book that is in high-demand should net you the most amount of money. At Cash4Books, we’ve done all that research for you so you can focus on your classes, friends, and studying. When you scan or input the ISBN numbers, your instant quote is reflective of the supply and demand in the national market — not just your local area. You can sell your books confidently knowing you’re getting the right amount of cash for your textbooks.

Affiliate program

When you refer your friends to Cash4Books’ textbook buyback program, you can earn up to 5 percent of their sale as well! The Cash4Books Affiliate Program helps students make more money throughout the year. So, even if you’ve sold all of your books for the time being, you can still bring in some extra cash by just sharing your textbook buyback expertise.

Here at Cash4Books, we are dedicated to making your college years as stress-free as possible. Selling your books online through our textbook buyback program puts cash in your pocket quickly and easily.

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