The Best Way to Sell Textbooks

Do you have a pile of old textbooks from last semester sitting on your desk, waiting to be sold? Many students are unsure of how to get the maximum amount of money when they sell books back to the university bookstore or one of many online textbook buyback services.

Figuring out the best way to sell textbooks starts with a small amount of research, but you’ll soon find the process can be fast, simple, and even fun. Besides, those used textbooks gathering dust in your dorm room could translate to a bit of extra cash in your wallet to spend during your free time. If you’re interested in selling your textbooks back, whatever their condition, read on and explore these helpful tips.

Learn how to sell your textbooks

What you need to know about selling textbooks

A few different factors will have an effect on your ability to get a good price for your used textbook. Before you begin the selling process, make sure to go through these two basic assessments to figure out the best way to sell your books back for cash.

Keep textbooks in good condition

College textbook buyers scrutinize the condition of each book they buy. Even online buyback programs have high standards for book condition. In order to get the best price for your books, make sure you take great care of them. Use the Cash4Books Used Book Condition Policy for reference when assessing the condition of your books.

That means you’ll want to be careful to use bookmarks instead of dog-earing pages. You can also keep your textbooks in a fun cloth or paper cover to prevent scuffing inside your backpack. Another great lifehack for keeping textbooks pristine is to scan pages and highlight the digital copies rather than the book itself.

Sell your textbooks to Cash4Books.

Consider the book’s age and edition

In addition to the textbook’s physical condition, you’ll also want to take its age into consideration. Does your book come in multiple editions, and is yours the newest? Newer editions will always yield higher cash value in the textbook buyback market.

Availability of your textbook on the market

Whether your textbook is on the field of engineering, nursing, or any other subject, there will be more and less common editions from various publishers on the market. The best-case scenario for your textbook is that it’s in high demand without a ton of overstock floating around.

So how can you figure out what your book is worth? Between classes, studying, and other activities of busy student life, the last thing many college students have time for is researching the worth of their used textbooks before selling them to an online or brick-and-mortar buyback program. Thankfully, Cash4Books does that research so you don’t have to. When you input your books’ ISBNs into the Cash4Books website  or mobile app, you know you’ll be getting the right amount of cash for your books based on their availability in the marketplace.

More ways Cash4Books helps you make money from used textbooks

Barcode-scanning mobile apps

There are many online resources that can help you figure out the right price for your book, but one of the easiest and fastest options is using the Cash4Books apps for Apple or Android phones. You can simply scan in the barcode on your textbooks for a fast quote, saving you the hassle of an online search through multiple businesses. Whether you are in search of the best place to sell new textbooks or old ones, the Cash4Books app will give you a great idea of the best value you can get from each of your books.

Bulk ISBN input

Another way to use Cash4Books is our advanced bulk ISBN feature. You can enter up to 1,000 ISBNS to calculate the prices of many used textbooks in a single trip to the site. If you’re the type of student who likes to get things done all at once, this is a perfect option — you can sell a few semesters of books in one sitting.

Affiliate program

Cash4Books has a way for you to make money when your friends sell back used textbooks as well. For those with friends in the same position at the end of a semester, the Cash4Books Affiliate Program lets you earn money on the internet by making 5 percent commission on referrals you make to fellow students. Watch this short video on our Cash4Books Affiliate Program page for a quick tutorial on how to use it.

Our dedicated customer care team

There are plenty of sites for selling used textbooks online, but Cash4Books’s customer care team is top notch when it comes to getting you the best deals in a prompt and friendly manner. Some companies have what’s become known as the call center attitude, but Cash4Books is a family-owned company that prides itself on excellent service . Our customer care team knows that students trying to sell used textbooks online are looking for a stress-free experience. They’re great at answering any question that arises in the process.

When you’re making money from your used textbooks with Cash4Books, you may find that it’s even easier than you thought. From our mobile apps to our affiliate program, we’re dedicated to making your textbook-selling experience the best it can be.

Sell your textbooks

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