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Here at Cash4Books, we’re committed to providing a fast, simple, and trustworthy way for you to sell textbooks. Whether you’re in college, grad school, or your kids are in school, we want to get you the best prices for your textbooks. Our mission is to help people turn yesterday’s books into today’s cash.

Why Cash4Books Is the Best Place to Sell Textbooks

Family-owned and -operated

Meet the Cash4Books employees and founders.Cash4Books started in 2004 and has been a respected and trustworthy presence in the online book-buying community ever since. Founders Jim and Breanne started Cash4Books while in college when they noticed how frustrating the university bookstore buyback program was. With bookstores having a monopoly on each campus, students could only sell their books for a few dollars instead of what they were really worth. Cash4Books’ online selling model helped disrupt the bookstore buyback program and gave students options and choices when selling their books.

Started in Jim and Breanne’s apartment, the company grew quickly — taking over their garage and eventually expanding into the fully-functioning warehouse operation it is today. One of the very first online book buyers, Cash4Books’ success is evident in the increasing crop of competitors on the market today.

When a company is family-owned and -operated, you know it’s a work of love. Jim and Breanne love saving people money and helping them get the things they really want. Their desire to help others has materialized in the mission and culture of Cash4Books.

We care about our customers and employees

We value our employees here at Cash4Books. When people like where they work, it definitely shows. With a supportive and considerate office culture, our employees are passionate about their jobs and are always striving to help others.

Cash4Books Customer Care Team

This attitude is most clearly demonstrated by our Customer Care Team. Our customer service is thorough, friendly, and prompt — if you’re expecting a call center attitude, prepare for disappointment! We’re all about solving problems and making sure everyone has an amazing experience with Cash4Books.

If you want to check the status of your payment or shipment, have a question about our Used Book Condition Policy, or anything in between, our Customer Care Team is there for you. Whether on the phone, via email, or on social media, we’re ready to make Cash4Books the best textbook-selling experience you’ve had yet. If you’re still not convinced, check out our reviews on Trustpilot.

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Simple and fast

We’re constantly working to improve and streamline our processes. In just three easy steps, you can sell your textbooks to make major cash.

Step 1: Get your books together and input their ISBNs on our homepage. We’ll give you an instant price quote.

Step 2: Print out our free shipping label and put your books in the mail.

Step 3: Get your cash! When we get your books, we’ll send you your money within 24 hours.

You can mail your books via the U.S. Postal Service or FedEx. Depending on your location, we’ll receive your books in about 13 business days. Once we have the books, you get the cash. There are no hidden fees with Cash4Books, either. Even if you just want a price quote on your college textbooks, it’s completely free to use.

Bonus codes

Our monthly bonus codes are just another way we help you make extra cash. Typically, using a bonus code during checkout gets you an additional percentage of bonus cash added to your total. Stay up-to-date with our current bonus codes and giveaways on our Cash4Books blog, Facebook page, and Twitter profile.

February Bonus Code

Sell textbooks on the go

Cash4Books also saves you time and money if you’re selling your books on the go. Our Apple and Android apps let you compare prices and check on the status of your books. If you’re waiting in line to sell textbooks at the school bookstore, pull out your phone and check those prices one last time.

Cash4Books Apple App Cash4Books Android App

Cash4Books even has a reminder program. When you get price quotes on your books, you can choose to get an email reminder about those prices. Check the prices now and wait until the end of the semester to sell them — you may still need your books for a few weeks, after all.

Lifehacks and tips to help you save cash

Cash4Books blog

We love saving people money. Our blog is rife with cash-saving tricks for making extra money year-round. But it doesn’t stop there. Whether you need help studying for upcoming exams or last-minute cheap Halloween costumes, we have you covered. Cash4Books is all about community. Our Cash4Books blog is an awesome resource that makes us the perfect place to sell your books.

Some advice on how to earn cash:

Need some smart ways to make a little extra money? Check out these posts.

College and study tips:

Have a big test or a tough class this semester? Need help adjusting to school? Here are guides to make you successful in college, grad school, and beyond.

Fun, thrifty tips:

From fun costume ideas to great book suggestions, Cash4Books goes above and beyond to ensure you have the resources you need to be successful and happy — all while saving money.

We care for our customers and want them to be successful in school — whether or not they sell their textbooks to us at the end of the semester.

Affiliate Program

Another way Cash4Books is the best place to sell textbooks is our Affiliate Program. When you direct a friend to sell books at Cash4Books, you make 5 percent cash, too. Helping you get paid to refer booksellers is one of the ways Cash4Books builds community and trust among our customers.

Cash4Books is the best place to sell textbooks

From our family-owned and -operated mentality to our superior service, fast payment, and helpful blog, we care about saving you time and money. Let us help you sell your used textbooks today. Head to our homepage and make some cash!

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