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October Bonus Code: 15% Bonus Cash


It’s officially fall and classes are in full swing! After purchasing new textbooks, school supplies, and learning to balance a college budget, having some extra cash on hand is a good idea.

Look no further than Cash4Books!

With our October bonus code you’ll get 15% extra bonus cash when selling your textbooks. Who needs last semester’s textbooks anyway?

Snag your extra cash in 3 easy steps!

Step #1: Visit Cash4Books.net and input the ISBNs of your textbooks. Need to sell your books on the go? Check out our mobile app, and scan them in for a price quote! Download our app for Apple and Android devices.

Step #2: During checkout, use our bonus code: fallcash to get 15% free bonus cash added to your total.

Step #3: Print off the label, and mail us your books for free! When we get your books, you get your money!

Now, go snag your bonus cash! Think of all the pumpkin spice themed products you could buy: Pumpkin spice lattes, cookies, cereal, candles, anything! Enjoy your extra cash and the fall season.

Need more information? Check out our Terms and Conditions:

Receive a 15% bonus on your next buyback order of $15 or more at Cash4Books.net. Order must be submitted by 11:59 PM PT, October 31, 2015. Maximum $50 order value. Limit 1 per customer. Cannot be combined with other offers. Cannot be applied retroactively. All books must meet the Used Book Condition Policy of Cash4Books. No cash value.

Summer Textbooks = Fall Cash: 3 Reasons to Sell Your Used Textbooks

Sell your used textbooks for fall cash

Did you just realize you still have last year’s textbooks?

Don’t let them just gather dust. Read below for 3 reasons on why selling your used textbooks will help you start the school year off right.

Reason #1: Less Textbooks = More Space

Space is a precious commodity in college dorms. You only have one shelf, a desk, and a small closet to fill with your stuff. That’s a tall order when you want to bring your summer AND winter wardrobes as well as your extensive video game library. Where are your Harry Potter books supposed to go when your old Chemistry textbooks are taking up shelf space? Sell those books, and free up your dorm room real estate for the stuff that really matters.

Reason #2: More Cash = Money for New Textbooks

As we’re all aware, new textbooks are expensive. However, saving cash from last year’s books can make a good dent in the cost of new books. Biology can be traded out for Chemistry 101, while Macroeconomics can be sold for your new Ancient History book. Information is easily available in the world of the Internet, so you don’t need to keep your textbooks to maintain that knowledge. Sell those books, and make way for this semester’s workload.

Reason #3: Extra Cash = Fun Fall Activities

Fall is one of our favorite seasons and having extra cash on hand is never a bad thing. Think of all the fun adventures that await you this fall: pumpkin patch trips, corn maze endeavors, and Halloween costumes! Seriously, who doesn’t want an awesome costume for Halloween this year? Fall is also the season of the pumpkin spice lattes. By selling your old textbooks, you could secure enough cash to get a whole season’s worth of tasty pumpkin beverages.

Ready to sell your used textbooks? We thought so! Head over to our homepage and input the ISBNs of your used books. We’ll give you a price quote and you can ship them to us for free.

If you’re still not convinced to sell your used textbooks, check out some of our other money saving resources, including our tips to turn trash into cash and lifehacks to make you money. We’re committed to helping you save cash, so stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

Back to School Bonus Cash Spotify Sweepstakes

Spotify Sweepstakes Bonus Code

Do you love music AND making some extra cash? When you use our back to school bonus code while selling books online at Cash4Books, you’ll get 10% bonus cash AND the chance to win a year of Spotify Premium absolutely free!

We want this back to school season to ROCK, so grab those books and follow the steps below for the chance to win an epic prize.

Step #1: Decide what books to sell, and input their ISBNs on our Cash4Books Homepage.

Step #2: Use bonus code: backtocash during checkout to get 10% free bonus cash added to your total.

Step #3: Print off our shipping label and mail us your books for FREE! When we get your books, you receive your cash and are automatically entered to win a Spotify Premium subscription free for a whole year!

Stay tuned to find out if you WON! We will notify winners of our Spotify Sweepstakes via email once a winner is selected at the end of September. Back to school can be a stressful time, so now’s your chance to relax with some tunes, and get back to cash. Seriously, free cash and a chance to win a year of free music? It’s almost too easy!

Need ideas on what to listen to? Check out these awesome Spotify playlists!

Let’s get the school year started right. Check out our terms and conditions: bit.ly/BackToCashSweepstakes

Don’t Be a Hoarder: 5 Ways to Turn Trash Into Cash


Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you own? Nothing to fear, Cash4Books is here! In the past, we’ve put together lifehacks to make you cash online, but this list is all about your IRL stuff.

We’ve outlined wonderful ways to get rid of the clutter, while making you cash in the process. That’s a pretty great deal…

1.) Sell Your Clothes

Is your closet overflowing with clothes? Do you wear ALL of them? Probably not. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in a year, you really don’t need it. While some old clothes may just need to be donated, the stuff you haven’t worn much can be sold. A great way to make some extra cash is to search out your local vintage and second-hand shops and see which items of clothing they’ll buy. There are also multiple places to sell your old clothes online. Poshmark, Twice and eBay are all good resources, to name a few. Go get ‘em!

2.) Sell Old Electronics

If you recently bought a new phone, tablet, computer or other electronic device, you probably don’t need to hold on to your old device. Old electronics often take up space, go unused and run out of batteries. While your devices are still in working order, you should sell them online for cash. Visit our sister site TechTwice for great deals on selling your used devices.

3.) Sell Your Used Ink Cartridges

While ink cartridges don’t take up much space, they do make clutter and are worth cash! You can turn them in at office supply stores, like OfficeMax and Staples. These stores will usually give you around $2.00 per cartridge. Alternately, you can sell them on eBay or to a specific ink cartridge buy-back site like eCycle Group and Toner Buyer. Continue reading

Lifehack and Prosper

Lifehack and Prosper

Life, the final frontier. These are the voyages of Cash4Books. Our mission, to explore strange new DIYs, to seek out new lifehacks, and new life tips. To boldly go where no one has gone before.

In previous posts, we’ve laid out some easy ways to make money, but here are our 6 favorite lifehacks to make you extra cash.

#1: Fill out online surveys.
Do you have great opinions and some extra time? Get a free membership on a site like MySurvey, and get started. You can earn points redeemable on PayPal, Amazon, and more. Your opinion can go a long way and this is an easy way to use them to make some extra money.

#2: Sell your class notes.
There are several ways to go about this. You can upload your notes online to sites like Notesale or you may want to pursue options through your school. Note-taking work-study jobs are often available, and they pay you for the time you’re already taking notes in class. Now, put those notes to work!

#3: Sell photos to stock photo sites.
Do you love taking photographs? If so, then this lifehack is for you! Now’s your chance to use your artistic skills and make some cash. Sites like iStock are always on the lookout for more images, and they’ll pay for your contribution. All you need is a camera and an artistic eye! Continue reading