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How to Ace Your Midterms

March 16, 2016

McKenzieBooks-2016-03-09-How to ACE Your Midterms

Midterms have arrived. Are you prepared?

Whether you’re behind in class or excelling, midterms are always a stressful time. We’ve given you study tips before, but now we’ve put together our most extensive list yet to ensure you ace those midterms. Study hard, and study smart. Continue reading

Brain Food: The 5 Best Foods to Eat When Studying for Finals

December 2, 2015


When you sit down to study for your Calculus final exam, a lot of things cross your mind. Why do you have to solve for f(x)? Does the limit exist, or is Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls right? “The limit does not exist…”

These tough questions are even harder when you’re feeling hungry. Find a snack that will help you focus and get you back on track. Continue reading