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Earn Extra Cash This Winter

January 25, 2017

Use the winter season to your advantage and make some money with these eight tips.

Traditionally, winter is thought of as a time for staying indoors, curling up by the fire, and sipping some cocoa. Here at Cash4Books, we’re ready to mix things up! Instead of staying in, go out and make some cash. Summer’s not the only time of year you can use the seasonal weather to your advantage. These winter-themed tips will pad your wallet for the whole season!

1. Clear snow in your neighborhood

One simple way to earn cash in the winter is to use the weather to your benefit. Offer to shovel your neighbors’ walkways for a few dollars. Get your workout in, and aim to do the whole block! Post about your services in an app like Nextdoor, or try Craigslist to get the word out.

2. Run errands for your neighbors

When the winter weather hits, homebound individuals and those with mobility issues need more help. Offer to run errands and go grocery shopping for your neighbors who can’t get outside. If someone is lacking transportation, that’s another way to add value. Charge them a few bucks and drive them to the store, or consider joining Uber or Lyft as a driver.

3. Help out with yard work

No one wants to do yard work when it’s cold outside. This leaves an opening for you to provide a service. In wet climates, make major cash by cleaning gutters and storm drains. The winter is also an ideal time to prune your trees and roses, so read up on the correct methods and advertise your skills.

4. Sell your wares at a craft fair

Craft fairs happen all the time in the winter! Check out your local community center or city events calendar to find one near you. Channel your crafty, artsy side and make something to sell. Borrow some ideas from our holiday DIY gift-giving guide, and get started!

5. Teach someone to ski or snowboard

If you’re talented on the slopes, you can turn those skills into cash! Give a lesson and teach others how to ski or snowboard. Whether it’s with kids who’ve never ventured onto the mountain or adults trying it for the first time, if you’re patient and helpful you can make some extra money!

6. Help people achieve their New Year’s resolution

The winter is ripe with people working towards their New Year’s resolutions. Try creating a blog to help them achieve their dreams. If you’re great in the kitchen, blog about your favorite healthy recipes. If working out in the gym is your forte, craft workouts with different goals in mind. This is all about using your skills to benefit others. If your blog gets traffic, you can easily monetize it with online ads and rake in the cash. The more influence you garner, the more cash you can make.

7. Take care of people’s pets

Pet care is another way to take advantage of the winter. When people go on vacation, they need someone to watch their furry family member. If the weather is wet and cold, they may need someone to walk their dog. Start by volunteering your services to people you know, and work out from there. There’s definitely money to be made in dog walking!

8. Sell your old stuff

Last but not least, get a jump on spring cleaning and sell your old stuff. Start with your used textbooks and head over to our homepage to get a price quote. If your closet has winter clothes you haven’t worn this season, take them to your local thrift shop, or sell them in an app like Poshmark. Your old trash is another person’s treasure after all!

The winter doesn’t have to be a season of simply sitting around inside! Put your skills and talents to use and find the right money-making venture for you. Now, get out there and start raking in the cash!


Cash4Books' Guide to Extra Cash

Cash4Books’ Guide to Extra Cash

December 28, 2016

2016 was a year of saving money and making money! We’re always looking for ways to keep you flush with cash, so we’ve gathered up all the best tips, lifehacks, and guides from the past year. From working on campus, to selling your old clothing and saving money on vacation, these are the best ways to make extra cash. Take a look, and start 2017 with a full wallet.

Making Cash

We’ve divided our tips into two categories: “making cash” and “saving cash.” If you need to supplement your income, or earn extra cash for a specific event, check out our tips for making cash. Whether you’re a college student, or a parent with kids, there are countless ways you can make extra money.

Cash on Campus

If you’re a poor college student, this guide is for you. We’ve rounded up the best ways to make money while still in school. Everything from work-study jobs to selling your class notes is an option. All you need is a little time and determination, and you’ll be rolling in the money.

Essential Guide to Making Money Online

If working online is more your speed, it’s easier than ever. From selling your old clothes and belongings, to renting your photographs to stock photo sites, the world is your oyster.  Get started today!

Lifehack Guide: How to Snag Winter Cash

We’re in the midst of winter, so these seasonal tips are valuable. Have you ever considered turning the heat down or shoveling snow for cash? There are many ways to use the winter weather to your advantage and line your pockets for 2017.

The Top 3 Selling College Textbook Subjects

Another way to make cash is by selling your used textbooks. We’re taking it a step further and telling you the best books of all. Take a special look at textbooks in these subjects, and you’re sure to make some extra cash.

Saving Cash

Whether you just need a little extra spending money or have bills to pay, saving cash is always a good option. Tighten up your budget and save for big purchases with our help.

Halloween on a Budget

Halloween is a scary time of year, but it shouldn’t be scary expensive. From complex costumes to costly parties, saving money is more helpful than ever during this season. Follow these tips, and have a spooky holiday that won’t break the bank.

8 Things to Do on a Summer Staycation

Looking to save money on your next vacation? Try a staycation! Exploring your own hometown can be just as fun as exotic travel, especially if you follow our advice. You can take time off work to relax and unwind without paying for hotel rooms or travel expenses.

Amazing Spring Break Vacations for Broke Students

Spring break is another opportunity to save cash. While it’s your time to relax and revamp before finals and the end of the semester, an expensive getaway isn’t always in the cards (or in the budget). Take a look at these vacation ideas for students, and you’ll be able to take a break from school without spending all your money.

Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Romantic on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is great for showing others how you feel, but some people feel pressured to empty their wallets on expensive and extravagant romantic plans. While this is especially difficult for students and those on a tight budget, everyone could benefit from decreasing their Valentine’s Day expenses. Instead of spending all your cash, use our tips and express your feelings.

Lifehack Guide: Get the Most Money for Your Textbooks

Selling your textbooks can be a lucrative way to make cash — and college students can always use extra cash. Keep your books in good condition, check the prices before you sell them online, and increase the amount you’ll earn.

Here at Cash4Books, we want to help you get your cash so you can spend it on what’s really important. So whether you snag a part-time job, sell your textbooks, or save on your next vacation, use your cash for what matters to you.

How to Sell College Textbooks in 4 Easy Steps

November 9, 2016

You could finish the semester and let those textbooks stack up in your closet, dusty and forgotten. But textbooks are such a major investment, you might like to get some of that money back for a bit of fun during your downtime or creating a more relaxing dorm room. Good news: At Cash4Books, our goal is to always give you the most money back for your books!

You knew selling textbooks was easy, but you might not have known it was quite this easy. All you need is your books and their ISBNs, a computer or smart device, and a printer. If you’ve got that, you’re covered — simple, fast, and free.

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November Thanksgiving Bonus Code

November 2, 2016

We’re giving thanks this November for all of our amazing customers. We’re so appreciative of everyone who’s sold their textbooks and supported Cash4Books. Use our November code, THANKS18, and get an extra 18 percent cash added to your order. Now, go get that cash and all the delicious turkey, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes you can eat!

Sell your textbooks in November with our bonus code and get 18 percent extra cash added to your order.

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