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8 Study Tips for Finals Week

December 7, 2016

Here are a few great tips to help you survive finals week!

Finals week is looming, and there’s still a ton of studying to do. In fact, we know a fair number of you haven’t even considered finals yet. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Whether you’re just starting now, or have been hitting the books for weeks, these tips are for you.

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How to Sell College Textbooks in 4 Easy Steps

November 9, 2016

You could finish the semester and let those textbooks stack up in your closet, dusty and forgotten. But textbooks are such a major investment, you might like to get some of that money back for a bit of fun during your downtime or creating a more relaxing dorm room. Good news: At Cash4Books, our goal is to always give you the most money back for your books!

You knew selling textbooks was easy, but you might not have known it was quite this easy. All you need is your books and their ISBNs, a computer or smart device, and a printer. If you’ve got that, you’re covered — simple, fast, and free.

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Cash on Campus

October 12, 2016

From expensive meal plans to housing and classes, college requires tons of cash. Earning money while in school is important, no matter what your financial situation. That’s why we’ve not only shared tips and lifehacks for cashing in online, but we’ve also made this special guide for earning money while living on campus. Let’s get started.

Here are five awesome ways to earn extra cash.

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Prime Time: September Bonus Code

September 7, 2016

September has arrived, which means it’s time to head back to school. Snag extra cash for all your college expenses with our September bonus code. Need more encouragement? We’re giving away a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime to one lucky winner. From free two-day shipping to free video streaming, an Amazon Prime membership is sure to make your school year amazing!

September Amazone Prime Bonus FALLPRIME | Cash4Books

Three simple steps to extra cash 

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