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How to Spend Your College Winter Break

December 16, 2013

You’ve spent the last couple of months buried in textbooks, cramming for exams, and trying to make the most of out of your precious free time. Now that Christmas is almost here, you get two to four great weeks of college winter break. Unfortunately, the holidays can be quite expensive; however, college students don’t need to let this get them down. Instead, take comfort in knowing there are several things you can do this winter break that are both fun and cheap. Whether it be time with your family, friends or both, let’s dive in and take a look at activities that everyone will enjoy.

1) Volunteer

There truly is no better time during the year to volunteer than right around Christmas. Thankfully, there are endless charities you can volunteer through, including those that run soup kitchens and those that help provide needy children with Christmas presents. To get yourself in the holiday spirit, and to keep your money in your pocket, consider volunteering at a local charity event of your choosing.

2) Visit Friends

Hanging out with your friends doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Consider having a sleepover like old times at your parent’s house. Pop some popcorn and watch movies. If you and your pals feel the need to go out on the town, consider going ice skating, or at least take part in an activity that won’t empty your wallet.

3) Dive Deep Into a New Book

You’ve spent the last semester flipping through pages of your not-so-favorite textbooks, so reading a book may not seem that appealing. Keep in mind, however, diving into a new book (preferably not one school-related) is a great way to cuddle up next to a fire and spend a few days of your winter break.

4) Road Trip

If this winter break has blessed you with a few extra dollars in your pocket, consider getting some of your friends and family together and going on a road trip. It could be to some place new or to an old hometown of yours. The destination doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is that you will be spending quality time with the people you care about.

5) Rest

Ah, resting. This is exactly what you need to do during your college winter break. College students tend to overwork their selves during the school year, so come winter break, it’s a perfect time to slow down and unwind. More importantly, it’s a time to recoup some energy for the next semester. Whether your quiet time includes sleeping in until noon or simply sitting by the fire for a few hours each day, it is important to let your mind and body get the rest they need.

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Sell Kidney For Cash? No!

November 26, 2012

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If you’re still considering kidney options, check out our other money making suggestions, with 5 ways to turn trash into cash and Lifehacks to make you cash. Seriously, there are some great money making options out there! Take it from us here at Cash4Books!

Save Money in College | Money Saving Tips for Students

November 30, 2011

How Students Can Save Money in College

College is an exciting time in students’ lives.  Students learn about new subjects and explore their career options in a safe, knowledge-based setting. However, it is important college students also begin to form healthy financial habits in college. Too often, students that start off on the wrong foot make poor decisions later on, especially when it comes to their finances. Here are some ways students can save money in college and use their money in smart ways. These methods have worked for a number of students and are a good way to usher in adulthood and responsibility.

Purchase Second-Hand Supplies & Textbooks

Save money in college - used funrniture

You'll probably have some of these items that you can bring from home. Credit: William Hook, Flickr.com.

Many students want all new supplies for their dorm room. This can cost students and parents a lot of money and frustration when the bill arrives.  Thus, consider borrowing and buying used as strategies to save money in college:

  • Buy items like furniture, second-hand. You may find good second-hand supplies like coffee tables or lamps at consignment shops or garage sales. You might even have these supplies at home and can easily transport them with you to college.
  • Talk to family and friends and see if they have any supplies lying around you can buy at a lower cost. You never know when an old desk can become a study companion at college!
  • Bring materials and supplies you already have. Your pillow from home will work just as well at college and decorative items like photos or pictures you wish to hang up might be suited for your dream dorm room design. Additionally, bringing items you already own may help when you feel homesick at college. It is always a better option to add a touch of home to a dorm room rather than shopping for brand new items at stores.

Use Meal Plans

Most colleges require students to purchase a meal plan as part of their room and board. Even commuter students that live at home or have an off-campus apartment may be required to have a meal plan in order to keep their enrollment status. Meal plans are often grandfathered into costs and are difficult to avoid. Here are some tips for strategically using a meal plan to help  save money in college:

  • The meal plan is typically already paid for as a set number of meals per week or in points for food and beverage items on campus. The school may offer a combination of both of these options in their meal plants. Students do not have to spend extra money on meals with meal plan options, which is a benefit for those students that do not work while in school.
  • Colleges have begun focusing on healthier meal options. This helps students avoid calories and unnecessary spending on unhealthy foods they might be tempted to buy off campus.
  • Check your school’s policy on meal plans and any restrictions, such as times the cafeterias might be closed. This can help you plan your schedule better and make plans with friends to meet on campus for meals.

Check out even more advice on how to save money on food in college.

Avoid Using Credit Cards

Save money in college - avoid the plastic!

Leave the plastic at home and save money in college. Credit: Andres Rueda, Flickr.com.

Credit cards are readily available on college campuses and can easily lead students down to a dangerous path of increased debt and frustration. Avoid using credit cards or being cajoled into signing up for one while on campus. The benefits the salesperson might tell you at the table will not outweigh the cost of high interest rates.

  • If you come on campus with a credit card, use it sparingly. Students typically have a parent as a cosigner on credit cards, so overuse of credit might harm the parent’s credit score, too.
  • Avoid using credit by leaving the card out of your wallet altogether. Store it in a safe place, such as in a small safe with a lock, so you are not tempted to use it on a regular basis. If you must use credit for purchases, pay the debt off immediately the next month.

It may be challenging for students to save money in college, but it is not impossible! Following these steps will ensure many dollars (and headaches) saved during your college experience!

Five Ways to Save Money on Food in College

August 30, 2011

Let’s face it, college can be very expensive. However, there are alternatives to save money on food in college besides eating Ramen Noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Tip #1 –  Campus meal plans

Image credit: Flickr.com, dougww

When students live off campus they sometimes believe they are not eligible to sign up for campus meal plans. This is not the case with every university. The initial investment may seem daunting at first, but remember that it often covers three meals a day, six or seven days a week. Ultimately, it should not be surprising that a large university buying in bulk can prepare meals for less money than an individual can. Granted, the food may not be exactly what you’re hungry for at the time, but the long term savings can be significant. You can also see if your college offers a partial meal plan, which will reduce the upfront costs and still save you money in the long-run.


Tip #2 – Shop on a full stomach and make a list before you go

This is not just good advice for college, but a trick that can save you money for a lifetime. If you make a list before you go to the store (and stick to it), you’ll avoid impulse buying. The same goes for eating before heading to the store; when you walk past donuts while hungry they start looking mighty tasty, but if you’ve just eaten you can stroll right past them.


Image credit: Flickr.com, gruntzooki

Tip #3 – The vending machine is not your friend

One of the luxuries of college is that most dorms and campus buildings have vending machines. However, the same snacks, candy or drinks that you buy through a vending machine can cost upwards of 70% less at the grocery store. These extra costs are going to add up quickly and can easily be avoided. Save money by getting your food, drinks, and snacks in advance and not giving in to temptation.


Tip #4 – Be a smart shopper

Yes, there are more exciting ways to spend your Sunday afternoon than reading through the Sunday paper for coupons and advertisements, but the savings you gain from comparing food prices at different grocery stores is astounding. If you combine this tip with tip #2 and plan ahead, finding a grocery store with many of your list items on sale can save you a lot of money.


Tip #5 – Watch the campus calendar

It can really pay off to watch bulletin boards and campus calendars for events where free food is served. There is absolutely nothing wrong with free food. You can get some great bites and save money just by dropping by stopping by a few of these events.

Image credit: Flickr.com, o5com

With so many other costs such as tuition, books, and an active social life, it’s important to try to save as much as you possibly can with small changes. With a little bit of planning ahead you too can save yourself some money and still eat great food. What tricks have you found to save money on food in college?