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Top Selling College Textbooks For 2018

January 1, 2018

At Cash4Books, we publish this list of top selling college textbooks every year.  We use a data-centric approach to our list.  Based on 20 million price quotes we’ve completed in the last 30 days, and a forecast based on aggregated want lists, we’ve put together our list of the top 10 selling college textbooks of 2018.

  1. 9781319050610
    Psychology in Modules by David Myers
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    top selling college textbook for 2018 is 9781319050610
  2. 9781305632295
    Financial Management: Theory & Practice 15th Edition by Eugene F. Brigham,‎ Michael C. Ehrhardt
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  3. 9780323328524
    Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems, Single Volume, 10e
    by Sharon L. Lewis RN PhD FAAN, Linda Bucher RN PhD CEN CNE, Margaret M. Heitkemper RN PhD FAAN,
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  4. 9780393603422
    Give Me Liberty!: An American History (Seagull Fifth Edition) (Vol. 1) 5th Edition by Eric Foner
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  5. 9781118743201
    Intermediate Accounting 16th Edition by Donald E. Kieso,‎ Jerry J. Weygandt,‎ Terry D. Warfield
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  6. 9780735594777
    Drafting Contracts: How & Why Lawyers Do What They Do, Second Edition (Aspen Coursebook)
    by Tina L. Stark
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  7. 9780393283648
    We the People (Eleventh Essentials Edition) 11th Edition
    by Benjamin Ginsberg,‎ Theodore J. Lowi,‎ Caroline J. Tolbert,‎ Margaret Weir
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  8. 9781118875766
    Organic Chemistry 12th Edition by T. W. Graham Solomons,‎ Craig B. Fryhle,‎ Scott A. Snyder
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  9. 9781632838643
    Understanding Criminal Law (2015)
    by Joshua Dressler
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  10. 9781259676987
    Methods in Behavioral Research 13th Edition by Paul C. Cozby,‎ Scott Bates
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Top Selling Textbooks of Summer 2017

June 28, 2017

Earn cash for summer 2017 by selling these in-demand college textbooks.

Selling your college textbooks to Cash4Books can put extra cash in your pocket.

As you enjoy your summer, at Cash4Books we’re crunching the numbers on all the great college textbooks we buy. Based on our data from quotes aggregated from unique IP addresses, we price books regularly to make sure you get the most money for your textbooks. Most of the books we purchase have a publication date between this year and 2014. What we purchase can change day by day or week by week depending on resale values, our current inventory, demand, and other factors.

Law, Biology, Engineering, and Psychology textbooks topped our list as of mid-June 2017. So if you’re deciding which classes to take next term or browsing garage and book sales, keep your eyes open for the following textbooks that have turned a pretty penny this summer.

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Sell Your Accounting Textbooks for Extra Cash

June 7, 2017

Selling your accounting textbooks at the end of the term is fast, easy money for college students.

Accountants are known to have great organizational skills and a high degree of precision. It takes dedication and an investment of time and money for school, certifications, and more. With your keen eye for detail and practical knowledge, selling your textbooks at the end of each term is most likely already on your radar. And because there are so many different types of accounting courses, a lot of accounting book titles are in high demand, so you stand to make a nice profit.

Selling your accounting textbooks is a fast, easy way to make extra money. Using Cash4Books’ simple mobile app, or our website, you can quickly scan or input accounting textbook barcodes and receive an instant buyback quote. Shipping is free and easy! Just print a label, pack up your accounting books you’re selling, and pop the package in the mail.

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Sell Your History Textbooks for Cash

May 3, 2017

From art history to world history, see how selling  your history textbooks can help you make extra money.

History tends to be among required courses for any major at almost all higher-education institutions. One look at a catalog of history titles shows there are many areas of focus and disciplines. Since history textbooks are always in need, chances are the titles you have taking up space on your floor are ready to be back in the classroom.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the history disciplines that see a higher need for used books. Reselling history textbooks could help you save up for that trip to dive deeper into your focus of choice. Florence’s Firenze Card anyone?

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Sell Your Business Textbooks for Cash

April 12, 2017

 Put extra money in your pocket by selling your business textbooks

Business majors are a smart bunch. The top qualities of great businesspeople include leadership, ambition, and a distinct ability to take risks. The business classes you take transfer to the real world, and whether your focus is accounting, management, or corporate finance, those business textbooks can pay off before you even start your career. Selling your textbooks is a smart way to make money at the beginning or end of each term.

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