Top Selling Textbooks of July

August 5, 2015

Best Selling Textbooks July

It’s time for a book countdown! July was a busy month here at Cash4Books!

With summer in full swing, people were selling textbooks left and right to snag extra cash. Ready for the top sellers? Prepare for some unexpected surprises!

#10 Introduction to Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis: A Regression-Based Approach (Methodology in the Social Sciences)
ISBN: 9781609182304
If you have a ton of friends who argue, or you want to become a professional mediator, this book is for you! It explains the important fundamentals of mediation and moderation – now, let’s settle some disputes!

#9 Business Law: Text and Cases
ISBN: 9781285185248
Anyone in law school out there? We bought back a ton of these law textbooks, so there MUST be some future lawyers in the house!

#8 The Little Seagull Handbook (Second Edition)
ISBN: 9780393935806
This textbook lays out grammar and tips on writing for students. It also has an ADORABLE name, so it’s got that going for it.

#7 Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function
ISBN: 9780073403717
This textbook takes a unique approach to anatomy and physiology, due to its exceptional art and illustrations and eloquent writing. Understand the wonders of the human body.

#6 An Introduction to Genetic Analysis
ISBN: 9781464109485
The study of genetics is a vast and impressive mission. This text lays out a superb knowledge base for future geneticists.

#5 Managerial Accounting: Creating Value in a Dynamic Business Environment
ISBN: 9780078025662
Accounting – a truly important, and complex, aspect of business. This textbook helps you organize and manage your own business – you have to know where your money is, after all.

#4 The Elements of Moral Philosophy
ISBN: 9780078119064
Ethics, major moral concepts… not a good read for a serial criminal. For everyone else, it’s really great!

#3 Microeconomics (8th edition) (The Pearson Series in Economics)
ISBN: 9780132857123
Important principles about microscopic economic issues are discussed. Wait, not microscopic economics, just microeconomics. That’s it. Common mistake, right?

#2 Organizational Behavior
ISBN: 9780133507645
This book describes how to successfully integrate human behavior and business organizations. A truly successful business is one with happy employees, and this text can show you how to achieve just that!

#1 Campbell Biology
ISBN: 9780321775658
This book is a true winner! It was last month’s top seller as well. It gives great insight into biology topics like cell structure and photosynthesis.

For more top selling textbooks, check in with our blog every month. If you have books you want to sell (they don’t have to be on the top selling list), head over to our homepage and input the ISBNs.

If you’re still searching for more cash, check out our lifehack blog post. It lays out some easy ways to make cash. Now, go enjoy the end of summer to the fullest!

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