Best Selling Textbooks of June: The Good, the Bad and the Unread

July 1, 2015

Best Selling Books of June

Here at Cash4Books, we buy back tons of textbooks every month. Seriously, it’s what we love to do. Besides, wouldn’t you rather have cash instead of a used Algebra book gathering dust on the bookshelf? Use that cash to do the things you love – with a little help from the team at Cash4Books.

Interested in our top selling textbooks this month? Some of them are pretty unexpected:

        1. Campbell Biology
          ISBN: 9780321775658
          Do you understand Photosynthesis? Cell structure? Taxonomy? Biology explains the natural world, and this book does it extremely well – which is why it’s our top seller of June!
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        2. Those Who Can, Teach
          ISBN: 9781305077690
          Teachers need to learn too! Otherwise, how could they be expected to explain long division to fourth graders? This book is wonderful for students entering education programs.
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        3. Chemistry: A Molecular Approach (3rd Edition)
          ISBN: 9780321809247
          Chemistry – it explains so much. This book will help you understand those difficult concepts and connect chemistry to the world around you.
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        4. Precalculus (5th Edition)
          ISBN: 9780321837349
          Precalculus with pop culture references? Now that’s what we call a math textbook.
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        5. Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance
          ISBN: 9780073523538
          Exercise Physiology teaches the physiology of exercise and other such physical exercise information. Trust us, you’ll want to read the whole book.
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        6. Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology
          ISBN: 9781429282956
          We’ve TOTALLY read all about Human Neuropsychology. It’s about the brain, right?
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        7. General Chemistry: Atoms First (2nd Edition)
          ISBN: 9780321809261
          Starting at the building blocks of life, the atom, this book explains how the world works.
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        8. Macroeconomics (8th Edition)
          ISBN: 9780132992282
          The market, like the world, can change rapidly. This book lays if out for you, and looks at the big picture – that’s what the “macro” is for.
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        9. Foundations in Microbiology
          ISBN: 9780073522609
          Alternately, this books looks at the “micro” side of things – like unicellular organisms.
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        10. Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
          ISBN: 9781285444321
          This comprehensive textbook covers everything from the criminal justice system to practical law enforcement. That’s a lot to cover…
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For more best selling textbooks, check in with our blog every month! We’ll tell you what books are the most popular. Want to sell us a book not on this list? Don’t worry, we buy back hundreds of different titles. Give it a try:

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