College Advice From Our Customers – Help A College Student Contest Winners

October 7, 2014

Help a College Student Writing Contest

Our customers shared their best college advice. Read their advice below.

Last month, we held a contest asking our customers a simple question:

“What advice would you give to a college student and why?”

They blew us away with the great advice they shared. Our customers come from varying degrees of college experience. And it’s safe to say based on their advice, we’d call them all college experts. While it was no easy task to pick five winners out of the bunch, we hope these winning entries help current and future college students.

Schedule Homework Time Backwards

“Do internships, because they give you job experience. Pay attention to what professors are looking for – because then you’ll get good grades. Finish what you start. Oh, and the best advice I ever got for college? Schedule backwards from when assignments are due, schedule time to do the assignments and then stick to your schedule. I had a friend in college who had all the same classes as I did for two quarters, and at the beginning of every week we’d sit down and schedule when we would do each assignment. I got everything done, on time! In the world of entrepreneurship and jobs, being able to set goals and meet your own deadlines is gold.”

- By Amanda M.

Visit Counselors and Create an Academic Map

“Classes are easy it’s the administrative hurdles that can interfere with your education! Be sure to visit academic counselors and create your own academic map with key dates and goals. Get a jump on planning and preparing by familiarizing yourself with the schools website. Many online systems will offer link to required texts when you sign up for classes. Ask lots of questions of different people around campus, this is a great way to great meet people and learn about campus resources! Make college work for you!”

- By Lorraine K.

Don’t Forget About Your Health

“My husband is an English prof and has worked with college students for 25+years. He always has two pieces of advice for incoming Freshmen. First, get some sleep. Yep, get in the bed at a semi-reasonable hour. Those late, late night talks with your roommate costs you down the road. By November, you have piled up a sleep debt and your body screams “Enough!” Usually, this rebellion expresses itself through a sinus infection, flu virus, or, at times, depression. By then your semester is in the throes of due dates and mid-terms. Not a time to miss a week of class.

Second, do what your momma has always told you–eat your veggies and drink your orange juice!! All these students coming in from all points of the world and living in close quarters exposes you to all sorts of new germs. So, load up on that vitamin C and save the pizza for the weekend.

By staying reasonably healthy, you can actually make it to class and stay awake–two KEYS to passing a college level class.”

- By Whit J.

Take It From a Runner – It’s Important to Pace Yourself

“Running cross-country for a major university taught me lessons that are applicable to anyone’s academic career.

Working toward a college degree is like trying to complete a marathon. While marathon finishers show that they have the physical stamina to grind their way to their goal, college graduates demonstrate to a potential employer or recruiter that they have the mental grit to persist in an academic or work environment.

Just as a long-distance runner learns not to start a race too fast, those embarking on a college career should learn to pace themselves. Don’t waste energy by striving for academic perfection – that’s the quickest road to intellectual burnout. Instead, the most useful bit of advice I have is to attend each and every lecture. Doing so is like the runner who maintains a steady pace throughout a race. Just as the crowd cheers even the slowest marathoner, so too does a professor mentally applaud those who show up day after day no matter where they fall on the academic scale. It is a college secret that professors will find a way to give at least a “C” to those who attend class everyday. So, to those just starting on their way to a college degree – remember that the steady students are the ones who win the college marathon.”

- By Mark M.

Your Schedule May Be Crazy Busy – But Don’t Forget To Enjoy the Little Things

“College is a completely different world than high school. I am a junior in college now, with a double major in Business Administration and Accounting. I have the ambitious goal of graduating in 4 years with 150 credits (which is equal to having a master’s degree). I also work and volunteer on the side. This story is typical of my other college friends as well. Life is beyond busy…it is hectic and crazy. But I have learned is that I need to live day by day. It is easy to become stressed and overwhelmed with my schedule. I can look at my week in my planner and feel like I can’t keep going. But it is possible to block out the other days and focus on today. Take joy out of the little moments in life, like grabbing a Starbucks with friends or just looking out the window at the gorgeous morning in your 8am class.

Life and college aren’t easy, but make sure you always take the time to smile and be grateful for the good moments, and even the bad ones that make you grow. Don’t let your schedules overtake you…don’t lose yourself. Instead, answer this question: “Why did I enter college?” Keep your answer in your mind as you live day-by-day and moment-to-moment.”

-By Katie M.

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