My Cash4Books Story: Brett

February 26, 2014

Editor’s Note: This story is one of the runner-ups of the My Cash4Books Story Contest. We asked our customers to tell us a little about themselves and their textbook selling experiences in their own words.

My Cash4Books Story: Brett
My name is Brett, I’m 31 years old, and my wife Brooke and I are expecting our first child this spring. We both work full time, devote time to extracurricular activities, and Brooke is also going to graduate school to become a nurse practitioner. As you can imagine we have our hands full when it comes to getting ready for this baby! Our time has really become our most valuable resource.

During our baby preparation, we found that–amidst a long list of to-do items–that we faced a major challenge in making space in our small apartment for the baby and all of its things: a crib, rocking chair, changing table…we didn’t have many options for the things that were currently taking up space.

We began to realize that a lot of the space was being taken by old textbooks. It was then that we discovered the app for the iPhone. What a perfect solution! As we were moving these bulky graduate school textbooks, we were able to scan them with our phone right there without interrupting our progress on our new baby room! We even got some offers on some of my older books from college several years ago! All of this without leaving the house!

The shipping process was headache-free, all we had to do was print an automatically generated label. And it only took a couple days for us to receive payment! helped us with our space problem with a simple solution that doesn’t take our precious time and pays us at a time when we can really use the extra cash! We’ve already started spreading the word to our family and friends!

As a runner-up, Brett has received a 15% Cash4Books bonus code.
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