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My Cash4Books Story: Sami

February 25, 2014

Editor’s Note: This story is one of the runner-ups of the My Cash4Books Story Contest. We asked our customers to tell us a little about themselves and their textbook selling experiences in their own words.

My Cash4Books Story - Sami
Hi my name is Sami. I am 62 years young returning to school after a horrendous divorce. I have no kids, but have lots of children surrounding me, as I am a retired Nanny. I took an interest in Criminal Justice after seeing how the United States Prison System works.

I can honestly tell you, textbooks for these courses are not cheap. The University I attended would send a “guarantee buyback” amount along with delivery of our textbooks, however, when one would go to sell them back, there was always something wrong (a mark on a page or two, a turned-down corner, etc.), thereby, reducing the “guaranteed amount.” There was even times, when I would submit a return of a book, to be told, that book was no longer used in the school, therefore, could not be returned.

A friend told me about Cash4Books, I contacted them via email, put in the ISBN numbers and was given a quote immediately. Once completed entering the books, I printed out the FedEx label (for free), boxed up the books and took them down the street to the FedEx box. I did not even have to go to the FedEx office*; what a great experience.

Being an older student, and sometimes getting a little confused with new technology; chatting on line with the folks at Cash4Books is wonderful as well. They are friendly, and always are ready to assist in anyway that they can. And being paid via PayPal is great! I received payment within 7 days of sending the books to them. I sing Cash4Books’ praises every chance I get, and tell all my online classmates about them. They too, have begun using Cash4Books for selling back their own textbooks.


As a runner-up, Sami has received a 15% Cash4Books bonus code.
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