How to write a great job post for a small company

August 17, 2013

Job woman hiringIt is always surprising to me how terrible most job posts are written.  Here are nine tips for writing a job post that will attract “A” player talent to your small business:
  1. Title of the job post is key.  That’s what people first see in the search results.  Think of it like an advertisement.  How can you make it enticing for the RIGHT people to click?  Good example: “Temporary Customer Service in a fun and casual environment!” Bad example: “Customer Service Rep”.
  2. Be up front about the size of the team and the size of the company.  The small size will appeal to many people, so that they don’t feel like a “number” in a huge corporation.  It’s a small family-like environment.
  3. How can you work in your core values to the post so that you attract the right people? For example, our core values are: Commit to Service Excellence, Improve Continuously, Support the Team, and Be Considerate of Others.
  4. Think of every reason why someone would NOT want to come work for you, and list out a counter-reason why they should.
  5. Think about motivating factors as you write the post.  For example, flexible work environment is a big thing for many people. How flexible will their schedule be? Other popular motivational factors to consider: positive relationships, work that interest me, and job security.
  6. In the post, put a simple instruction at the bottom.  Have them answer a question to apply.  This is how you know if they have read the post, or if they are just spamming everyone with their resume. Another thing I’ve done is ask them to include a job number in the subject line of the email.  This tests attention to detail.
  7. Go on Craigslist and look at other Customer Service job posts, or whatever position you are hiring for.  Which ones do you like? Not like? Why?  Which ones get your attention?
  8. Making it clear what will be expected of them in this position is also necessary, of course.  As well as required education and experience.
  9. Figure out how to add an image to the post (a pic of the office maybe?)… and/or you can link to your twitter and facebook. Or, even add a video. How about a video of your employees performing a fun and crazy customer service rap song–that would set your post apart… and go viral at the same time! ;-)

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