18 Great Reasons to Love Cash4Books.net – Our Review…

July 31, 2011

In a Cash4Books team meeting, we reviewed ways that we felt set us apart as a company.  Ways that add value to the process of selling your used books, and ways that differentiate us.  Here is the list we arrived at:

  1. No Paypal fees are charged to customers selling their books. Normally PayPal charges 2.9% plus $0.30 to receive money.  However, Cash4Books will pay the fee, so our customers get 100% of the money quoted to them!
  2. Checks are issued every weekday.  Every morning, 5 days a week, checks are printed, stuffed and mailed with TLC to Cash4Books customers.
  3. Paypal payments are issued within 1 business day of books getting processed.
  4. We immediately communicate to our customers exactly why we have rejected an item if it is not accepted.
  5. We take pictures of books and boxes, and post to the customer’s account.  If, for example, the Post Office damages a package in the mail to our warehouse (we hate to see this happen, but it does once in a while).
  6. Customers have an account where they can sign in and review the status of a shipment at any time.
  7. No Partial deductions for customers’ books. We pay what is quoted or we don’t accept at all.  See our condition requirements.
  8. We email our customers as soon as possible if part of a shipment is missing.
  9. We price match against legitimate competitors that carry a grade of A or B with the Better Business Bureau.
  10. We reissue checks to customers for FREE after a reasonable waiting period.  This happens when “my dog ate my check”, or  when “my check went through the washing machine”.  Or, sometimes checks just get lost for no known reason at all!
  11. Books are processed within 1 business day after receiving them.
  12. We offer to return books for free to 1st time customers if there is a problem with the condition (our risk-free guarantee).
  13. Our customers get a live person when they call (5 days a week). Our awesome Customer Care Team is standing by: 1-877-243-5935.
  14. We will mail label requests. No printer?  Not a problem.  We will snail mail pre-paid shipping labels to the customer’s address.
  15. We process Cash4Books walk in transactions at McKenzie Books, Inc. in Beaverton, Oregon without an appointment, and we even add a credit since we didn’t have to pay the shipping.
  16. We have a FedEx option for shipping high dollar books.  Some higher dollar shipments of books will automatically qualify for FedEx.
  17. No hassle returns.  Occasionally some books are not accepted after we review their condition and compare with our condition requirements.  These books can be returned within 30 days upon request.
  18. A very low minimum order is required.  We don’t use high minimums because we want our customers to try us out and know that we are legit.  Just send us a book or two.  If you like the process, then sell your whole library! Sell, sell, sell!

Here is the great team that makes all these things happen:

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