Kindle Users – Sell Your Used Books

July 5, 2011

Here’s a reminder for all of you avid readers out there who have gone cyborg (converted to reading books on a digital device): sell us your paper books. We still love them, even if they’re not squeaky clean and digital.

To those Kindle readers out there, I see lots of you reading your eBooks on the train, and you look like nice enough people. Now I’m wondering if we can take those paper books off your hands. They’re just gathering dust and cluttering up your office.

Although the digital revolution is progressing, the game of buying and selling used books is still alive and well (both as a hobby and as a career). So for you Kindle-ites out there, sell us those paper books that you won’t be taking on vacation anymore. Just don’t drop that Kindle in the pool.

Last I checked, it was about $140 bucks to get started with one of those newfangled reading devices. Why not offset the cost by selling us your real books?

Sell Your Books to

Has your kindle made these seem obsolete? Sell them to us! Photo credit: Fredrik Rubensson, Flicker.

But the purpose of this blog entry is not an anti-Kindle diatribe or to extol the joys of buying and selling used books (which there are many joys, discoveries, surprises, and financial advantages), but rather the purpose of this blog entry is to remind all of the Kindle buyers out there to sell us your books since you’re pretty much done with them.

Clear off the bookshelf and sell your used books. You’ve probably got 3G or something, so who needs a bookshelf? Just box ‘em up, and we’ll even pay for the shipping.

Head on over to and we’ll give you a bunch of cash for those dusty, glue-bound bricks of verbiage (which we happen to love just a smidgen more than their digital, dustless counterparts).

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