Cards Create Smiles for Customer Care Team

March 4, 2011

Who doesn’t enjoy greeting cards?  We, members of the Customer Care Team, are just crazy about them because sending a card is such a small act, but it always makes people smile.  Since we make it our goal to make our customers smile (have you seen our slogan?), we’re always looking for new ways to accomplish this.  Therefore, we have started sending our customers greeting cards when we want to recognize important events in their lives (having a baby, losing a loved one, recovering from an illness, etc.).  Our only expectation was that we would be able to share in a customer’s joy or help alleviate their discomfort, just by writing a few kind words in a card.  What we did not anticipate was that our amazing customers would start returning the favor.

We sent out our first card this past November to a customer who had recently undergone a medical procedure that left her temporarily unable to walk.  She was kind enough to let us know that she would be a little late mailing her books to us because she was bed ridden while she recovered.    We jumped at the chance to send her a card, taking our time to select the perfect one.    The CCT felt good about doing good, and we didn’t expect to hear back from this customer.

A few weeks later, we were surprised to find a sweet hand-written note addressed to us in the mail.  We hardly ever receive mail, so we were as enthusiastic as kids on Christmas when we opened our card.  To our surprise, the customer had written us back!  Not only did she express her thanks for the card, but also decided to share a little piece of her life with us.  She let us know some details about her family, and provided us with a status update on her condition.

Throughout the holiday season, we sent more and more cards to our customers.    Surprisingly, we even began to receive hand-made cards in return.  The creativity of our customers is amazing!  A particular favorite is a hand-made card depicting one customer’s New Year’s resolutions (Yay! One resolution was to sell more books to Cash4Books!).

Perhaps even more surprising than the cards from our customers are the responses we receive from the press (we send a “thank you” note when anyone is kind enough to promote our business on the air).  Most recently, we received a lovely note from The Early Show after we wrote to thank them for mentioning us as one of the Best Sites to Sell Clutter for Cash.

Needless to say, we were touched by each and every card we receive.  It was our hope that our cards would impact our customers, but we never expected that the thought would be reciprocated.  We love our cards so much that we have decided to hang each and every one we receive on a bulletin board, so we can always be surrounded by our customers’ well wishes.  Funny how these cards have had just as much of an impact on us as they’ve had on our customers.

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