Need Great Gift Ideas for Dad? DIY!!!

June 17, 2010

Every year I struggle with what to buy my dad for Father’s Day. He never wants or needs anything! I usually end up getting a gift certificate or some useless tool he will stow away in the unused toolbox I bought him the year before…that or underwear.  This year, instead of golf balls, socks or a tie, I have decided to give my Dad the gift of creativity, and save my pocketbook at the same time!

Because I work at a bookstore, I am always on the lookout for great ways to reuse old books. As is turns out, there are several ways to convert your old tomes, or that great bargain bookstore find into a homemade gift for Dad. Here are a few innovative ways I found to recycle your used books into memorable Father’s Day gifts:

1. Father’s Day Frames -

Take your dad’s favorite title, author or even genre and turn it into a picture frame in just a few easy steps. Several blogs have outlined detailed instructions and tips to convert your used books into easy gifts: Blog – DIY Book Frame

The Red Chair Blog- DIY Old Book Photo Frame

2. Father’s Day Journals –

Use your used books to create journals, and give your hardback another life at the same time. It’s easy; simply sandwich blank pages between interesting covers and rebind (sometimes it is even fun to leave in some of the original text.)

If your Dad is a big golfer, or a fishing fan, you could create a journal to keep track of those great shots or unbelievable catches! Likewise, you could create a themed journal to log those beers or wines he loves, or even to note his favorite movies or books. There are even sites to make planners!

Here are a few blogs which outline step-by-step journal creation:

HGTV.CA – Journal from old book covers

Just Something I Made – Vintage Book Planner Tutorial

Book Journals

Good luck with your projects and Happy Father’s Day!

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