Help A College Student Writing Contest

Help a College Student Writing Contest

You’ve learned a lot in college. Now share your best tips and win a Cash4Books prize package!

Share Your College Advice to Win a Cash4Books Prize Package

You’ve already proved your savvy student status by skipping the trip to your campus bookstore and selling your books online at Cash4Books. Now we wonder… what other helpful tips do you have for fellow college students?

Cash4Books Prize Package

Cash4Books Prize Package

We’re giving away 5 prize packages to the winners of our Help A College Student Writing Contest. Prize package includes:

  • $20 Starbucks Gift Card
  • Coffee travel mug
  • Reusable grocery bag
  • Your writing featured on our blog
  • Social props via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

How to Enter the Help a College Student Writing Contest:

1. Write Your College Advice
Please be sure to share the following:

  • A little about yourself. Describe yourself to your fellow students. Are you still in school or a graduate? What is/was your major? What are your hobbies/interests?
  • Your advice. What is the one piece of advice you would give a college student in your shoes if you had the chance? Why? What experience led you to your advice?

Cash4Books customers come from all different backgrounds. such as busy moms going back to college, college students, graduate students, and more. No matter who you are, your advice will be appreciated!

2. Email your college advice by September 26th.

How to Win:

Knock our socks off with your college advice. Winners will be notified by October 1st, and we’ll share the winning entries on our blog starting on October 6th.

Share Your College Advice Today!

College Fundraising For Your Club, Fraternity, and Sorority


Earn money for your college club, fraternity or sorority by using the Cash4Books affiliate program.

We’re all familiar with fundraising.

Maybe you have fond (or not so fond) memories of selling gift wrap door-to-door as a kid, or organizing a car wash to raise money for your sports team. Whether you’re in a college club, fraternity, sorority, or any other college group, at one point or another you’ll need to raise some cash.

We’d like to introduce you to the best kept secret in college and a fantastic way to do college fundraising for your organization… online textbook buyback.

Since 2004, we have bought college textbooks from college students across America. These students grew frustrated by the long lines, low buyback prices, and poor service provided by their campus bookstores.

We also offer an easy way for anyone to earn extra cash by referring fellow students to sell their books online at Cash4Books.

Here’s how your group can start earning extra money today:

  1. You or your club create a Cash4Books account.
  2. Visit our affiliate page to get your unique link.
  3. Share that link with your friends or anyone who has textbooks. For example, you could share it Facebook or put it up on your website.
  4. When they click the link and sell their books to us, your account is credited with the referral.
  5. Once their books arrive, we pay them and you get a paid a 5% referral commission.

Join the Cash4Books Affiliate Program today and start making cash for your college organization.

Questions about how to use the Cash4Books affiliate program for your college fundraising? Leave a comment below or visit our contact us page and we’ll be happy to help!

7 Tips To Win Graduate School Scholarships

Credit: CollegeDegrees360,

Image Credit: CollegeDegrees360,

Excuse me but I’m going to state obvious:

Graduate school is expensive.

Once you’ve added together the cost of tuition, textbooks, school supplies, and living expenses, the total cost is enough to induce a panic attack. After you’ve caught your breath and realized stressing won’t make that total go down, it’s time to refocus that anxious energy. There is a practical way to lower grad school cost: winning a sweet graduate school scholarship.

Here’s seven tips to leave people barefoot (because you knocked their socks off) and get that scholarship:

1. Research

Don’t just start wildly applying for every scholarship. Take your time to find a scholarship that fits you and your graduate school goals. Often times, an organization will sponsor a scholarship that has specific applicant criteria. Check out the National Potato Council scholarship for example. Every year, they offer a $10,000 scholarship to graduate students in agriculture programs that support the potato industry. Potato agriculture may not be your cup of tea, but doing your research will help you find scholarships that seem like they’re designed just for you.

2. Carefully read the directions

You can apply this tip in many areas of life, but especially when applying for scholarships. Take a moment to think about the number of people applying for scholarships. Now think about how easy it is disqualify someone just because they didn’t follow the requirements. Take the time to read the scholarship directions. A good idea is to create a checklist of all the requirements, and mark off all the requirements before submitting your final application.

3. Know the audience

If you were a good fit to apply for the National Potato Council scholarship, then take the time to learn a little bit more about the National Potato Council. This is critical if you’re required to write an essay. It’s easy to forget that a real person is going to be reading what you write. If you know who you are writing to, then you can tailor your application and essay to that specific audience.

4. Plan out your essay

Need to write an essay? Then start off with this one word: outline! Put together the structure and key ideas of what you want to say first, and then get down to the task of crafting captivating sentences and seamless transitions.

5. Write passionately but be sure to edit

It is important to show passion when writing a scholarship essay. It lets the reader know that you care about your area of study. If you’ve done your research and found a scholarship that fits you and your goals, your enthusiasm will come out naturally in your writing. Just always make sure to edit your writing. Carefully editing your paper will help you catch any errors you made while passionately writing your essay

6. Get the help of a pro

Affect or effect? Who or whom? Do not lose the scholarship because of a correctable grammar mistake. Give it to to an english major or if your on campus while writing, take it by the writing center to ensure your essay is impeccable.

7. Celebrate

Congratulations, you did it! After you’ve put in the hard work and done the best possible job with your application, don’t be afraid to celebrate. In fact, don’t be afraid to plan your celebration before you even start your application. Often times, an extra incentive at the end of the process is a great motivator to do your best.

Have you had any success when applying for graduate school scholarships? Leave a comment below if you have tips to add!

College Checklist

Preparing to Leave for College

college freshman using college checklist

Be prepared with the Cash4Books College Checklist

Getting ready for college is a fun and exciting time. For many college freshman, it marks the first experience living on their own. And as anyone who is living on their own realizes, living essentials don’t just magically appear on their own. (No matter how great of a job Mom did of making it seem that way. P.S. You rock moms!) When preparing to leave for college, it is best to be prepared so you don’t face problems such as:

  • You’re out of clean clothes because you didn’t bring any laundry detergent.
  • You can’t hang any clothes because you forgot clothes hangers.
  • You’re late to class for the fifth time in a row because alarm clock didn’t make it into your moving box.

How can you avoid facing these dilemmas and ones like them?

Use a College Checklist

college checklist

Click to view a printable .pdf

And that’s where we’ve got your back. With our college checklist, we’ve done our best to cover the essential items you’ll need when leaving for college. It is a great tool for college freshman and parents to ensure they are not forgetting anything when packing for college.

Click the image to view a printable version of the checklist.

A few bonus tips:

  • If you can, contact your roommate ahead of time. Not only is great to get to know them early, you can coordinate on the items you’re both bringing. For example, maybe you’re roommate has a TV and you don’t need to go out and buy one.
  • Check in with your dorm or off campus housing to see if there are any items that are not allowed.
  • The odds are your new washer and dryer will be quite different from the ones at home. Be a step ahead and learn how to use coin operated laundry appliances. Take a field trip to your local laundromat and get some practice beforehand.

Are there any college essentials that NEED to be added to our college checklist? Or do you have any tips for preparing to leave for college? Comment below!

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