College Advice From Our Customers – Help A College Student Contest Winners

Help a College Student Writing Contest

Our customers shared their best college advice. Read their advice below.

Last month, we held a contest asking our customers a simple question:

“What advice would you give to a college student and why?”

They blew us away with the great advice they shared. Our customers come from varying degrees of college experience. And it’s safe to say based on their advice, we’d call them all college experts. While it was no easy task to pick five winners out of the bunch, we hope these winning entries help current and future college students.

Schedule Homework Time Backwards

“Do internships, because they give you job experience. Pay attention to what professors are looking for – because then you’ll get good grades. Finish what you start. Oh, and the best advice I ever got for college? Schedule backwards from when assignments are due, schedule time to do the assignments and then stick to your schedule. I had a friend in college who had all the same classes as I did for two quarters, and at the beginning of every week we’d sit down and schedule when we would do each assignment. I got everything done, on time! In the world of entrepreneurship and jobs, being able to set goals and meet your own deadlines is gold.”

- By Amanda M.

Visit Counselors and Create an Academic Map

“Classes are easy it’s the administrative hurdles that can interfere with your education! Be sure to visit academic counselors and create your own academic map with key dates and goals. Get a jump on planning and preparing by familiarizing yourself with the schools website. Many online systems will offer link to required texts when you sign up for classes. Ask lots of questions of different people around campus, this is a great way to great meet people and learn about campus resources! Make college work for you!”

- By Lorraine K.

Don’t Forget About Your Health

“My husband is an English prof and has worked with college students for 25+years. He always has two pieces of advice for incoming Freshmen. First, get some sleep. Yep, get in the bed at a semi-reasonable hour. Those late, late night talks with your roommate costs you down the road. By November, you have piled up a sleep debt and your body screams “Enough!” Usually, this rebellion expresses itself through a sinus infection, flu virus, or, at times, depression. By then your semester is in the throes of due dates and mid-terms. Not a time to miss a week of class.

Second, do what your momma has always told you–eat your veggies and drink your orange juice!! All these students coming in from all points of the world and living in close quarters exposes you to all sorts of new germs. So, load up on that vitamin C and save the pizza for the weekend.

By staying reasonably healthy, you can actually make it to class and stay awake–two KEYS to passing a college level class.”

- By Whit J.

Take It From a Runner – It’s Important to Pace Yourself

“Running cross-country for a major university taught me lessons that are applicable to anyone’s academic career.

Working toward a college degree is like trying to complete a marathon. While marathon finishers show that they have the physical stamina to grind their way to their goal, college graduates demonstrate to a potential employer or recruiter that they have the mental grit to persist in an academic or work environment.

Just as a long-distance runner learns not to start a race too fast, those embarking on a college career should learn to pace themselves. Don’t waste energy by striving for academic perfection – that’s the quickest road to intellectual burnout. Instead, the most useful bit of advice I have is to attend each and every lecture. Doing so is like the runner who maintains a steady pace throughout a race. Just as the crowd cheers even the slowest marathoner, so too does a professor mentally applaud those who show up day after day no matter where they fall on the academic scale. It is a college secret that professors will find a way to give at least a “C” to those who attend class everyday. So, to those just starting on their way to a college degree – remember that the steady students are the ones who win the college marathon.”

- By Mark M.

Your Schedule May Be Crazy Busy – But Don’t Forget To Enjoy the Little Things

“College is a completely different world than high school. I am a junior in college now, with a double major in Business Administration and Accounting. I have the ambitious goal of graduating in 4 years with 150 credits (which is equal to having a master’s degree). I also work and volunteer on the side. This story is typical of my other college friends as well. Life is beyond busy…it is hectic and crazy. But I have learned is that I need to live day by day. It is easy to become stressed and overwhelmed with my schedule. I can look at my week in my planner and feel like I can’t keep going. But it is possible to block out the other days and focus on today. Take joy out of the little moments in life, like grabbing a Starbucks with friends or just looking out the window at the gorgeous morning in your 8am class.

Life and college aren’t easy, but make sure you always take the time to smile and be grateful for the good moments, and even the bad ones that make you grow. Don’t let your schedules overtake you…don’t lose yourself. Instead, answer this question: “Why did I enter college?” Keep your answer in your mind as you live day-by-day and moment-to-moment.”

-By Katie M.

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Stolen Textbook Recovery Program

College Textbook Theft

College textbook

Your textbook. An easy target for on campus thieves. Photo credit: Scott Feldstein,

For college students, it should be no surprise that money, cell phones, and bicycles often catch the eye of on-campus thieves. However, there is an often overlooked item that can be just as valuable but not as closely guarded: college textbooks.

Even though the cost is high for college textbooks, they are often not protected in the same way as a cell phone or bicycle. For cell phones, we buy protective cases, phone insurance, and constantly keep them close to us. We buy expensive locks to ensure that our bikes can’t be easily taken. But can you say you take the same measures for your college textbook?

College textbooks are an easy target for thieves. With the bookstore often located nearby, they don’t even have to leave campus to cash them in. In fact, the college bookstore is often the most common target of textbook theft!

Start Protecting Your Textbooks Today

Here are 3 easy tips to start protecting your textbooks:

  • Think of your textbooks as currency. That is how thieves view them, and you should to. Would you leave $200 sitting on the table at the library? Of course not! But this happens daily with textbooks.
  • Always lock your dorm room or locker. Whether you live on campus or are just renting a locker, be sure to always lock up your belongings. If a thief can’t easily get to it, they’re likely to move on to an easier target.
  • Mark your textbooks. Create a unique marking inside of your books. For example, maybe you draw a smiley face and your initials on very last page. This will let you know that it truly is your textbook should you find it. Writing your name in the cover is okay, but these are often looked for and easily crossed out.

Cash4Books Textbook Recovery Program

We empower our employees to be aware and mindful of textbook theft. We do our best not to purchase any textbooks we believe to be stolen.

Has your textbook recently been stolen? Let us know and we will keep an eye out if anyone tries to sell it to us. Simply fill out our stolen textbook recovery form, and we’ll be on the lookout for incoming books that match your description.

Do you have more questions about textbook safety? Leave a comment below or contact us today.

Help A College Student Writing Contest

Help a College Student Writing Contest

You’ve learned a lot in college. Now share your best tips and win a Cash4Books prize package!

Share Your College Advice to Win a Cash4Books Prize Package

You’ve already proved your savvy student status by skipping the trip to your campus bookstore and selling your books online at Cash4Books. Now we wonder… what other helpful tips do you have for fellow college students?

Cash4Books Prize Package

Cash4Books Prize Package

We’re giving away 5 prize packages to the winners of our Help A College Student Writing Contest. Prize package includes:

  • $20 Starbucks Gift Card
  • Coffee travel mug
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  • Social props via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

How to Enter the Help a College Student Writing Contest:

1. Write Your College Advice
Please be sure to share the following:

  • A little about yourself. Describe yourself to your fellow students. Are you still in school or a graduate? What is/was your major? What are your hobbies/interests?
  • Your advice. What is the one piece of advice you would give a college student in your shoes if you had the chance? Why? What experience led you to your advice?

Cash4Books customers come from all different backgrounds. such as busy moms going back to college, college students, graduate students, and more. No matter who you are, your advice will be appreciated!

2. Email your college advice by September 30th.

How to Win:

Knock our socks off with your college advice. Winners will be notified by October 3rd, and we’ll share the winning entries on our blog starting on October 7th.

Share Your College Advice Today!

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We’re all familiar with fundraising.

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7 Tips To Win Graduate School Scholarships

Credit: CollegeDegrees360,

Image Credit: CollegeDegrees360,

Excuse me but I’m going to state obvious:

Graduate school is expensive.

Once you’ve added together the cost of tuition, textbooks, school supplies, and living expenses, the total cost is enough to induce a panic attack. After you’ve caught your breath and realized stressing won’t make that total go down, it’s time to refocus that anxious energy. There is a practical way to lower grad school cost: winning a sweet graduate school scholarship.

Here’s seven tips to leave people barefoot (because you knocked their socks off) and get that scholarship:

1. Research

Don’t just start wildly applying for every scholarship. Take your time to find a scholarship that fits you and your graduate school goals. Often times, an organization will sponsor a scholarship that has specific applicant criteria. Check out the National Potato Council scholarship for example. Every year, they offer a $10,000 scholarship to graduate students in agriculture programs that support the potato industry. Potato agriculture may not be your cup of tea, but doing your research will help you find scholarships that seem like they’re designed just for you.

2. Carefully read the directions

You can apply this tip in many areas of life, but especially when applying for scholarships. Take a moment to think about the number of people applying for scholarships. Now think about how easy it is disqualify someone just because they didn’t follow the requirements. Take the time to read the scholarship directions. A good idea is to create a checklist of all the requirements, and mark off all the requirements before submitting your final application.

3. Know the audience

If you were a good fit to apply for the National Potato Council scholarship, then take the time to learn a little bit more about the National Potato Council. This is critical if you’re required to write an essay. It’s easy to forget that a real person is going to be reading what you write. If you know who you are writing to, then you can tailor your application and essay to that specific audience.

4. Plan out your essay

Need to write an essay? Then start off with this one word: outline! Put together the structure and key ideas of what you want to say first, and then get down to the task of crafting captivating sentences and seamless transitions.

5. Write passionately but be sure to edit

It is important to show passion when writing a scholarship essay. It lets the reader know that you care about your area of study. If you’ve done your research and found a scholarship that fits you and your goals, your enthusiasm will come out naturally in your writing. Just always make sure to edit your writing. Carefully editing your paper will help you catch any errors you made while passionately writing your essay

6. Get the help of a pro

Affect or effect? Who or whom? Do not lose the scholarship because of a correctable grammar mistake. Give it to to an english major or if your on campus while writing, take it by the writing center to ensure your essay is impeccable.

7. Celebrate

Congratulations, you did it! After you’ve put in the hard work and done the best possible job with your application, don’t be afraid to celebrate. In fact, don’t be afraid to plan your celebration before you even start your application. Often times, an extra incentive at the end of the process is a great motivator to do your best.

Have you had any success when applying for graduate school scholarships? Leave a comment below if you have tips to add!