Cheap and Easy Thanksgiving Travel Tips


Thanksgiving is coming, which means it’s almost time for a long weekend full of family, friends, and delicious food! Unless your family lives close by, you probably have a day of traveling ahead of you.

Cash4Books loves saving you cash, so here are some awesome travel tips to save you time and money while heading home for Thanksgiving:

Traveling By Plane?

Book your tickets early.
Booking tickets in advance saves you a ton of cash in the long run. While it’s a bit late to be booking tickets for Thanksgiving, think ahead to future trips, like Christmas, or possible summer vacations.

Travel early in the day.
If you choose an early morning flight, you’re much more likely to leave on time. Flights leaving later in the day often have multiple delays in front of them, making them even later. Airports are also less crowded and congested in the morning, making it easy, and less stressful, for you to get to your gate on time.

Pack light!
Be sure to pack wisely for your trip. Heavy checked bags can unexpectedly go over the weight limit, so narrowing down to what you REALLY need could end up saving you cash. If you manage to only have carry-ons you can save even more time by skipping the checked bag line! Packing light is definitely the way to go.

Bring your own snacks.
Steer clear of expensive airplane meals and snacks past the security check. Purchase pre-packaged food beforehand at the store and take it with you. If it’s unopened, TSA shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Traveling By Road?

Explore other routes.
Instead of sitting in traffic trying to make it home for the holidays, be smart and let technology work for you. Apps like Waze have been developed to help you find the perfect route.

Fill up the tank early.
Save yourself some time on your driving day and fill up your gas tank the day before. Not only will you miss the line of cars at the gas station, you’ll get on the road, and to your destination, earlier. Get ready for that pumpkin pie!

Get your sleep.
Be sure to get to bed early the night before your trip home. The extra sleep will help keep you alert during your early morning drive, and help you prepare for spending the whole weekend with family! That can be exhausting too…

Slow Down
Be sure to watch your speed on your trip home for the holiday. Fuel efficiency goes down significantly when you drive over 50mph. Do your wallet a favor and take it easy on your trip home.

Now that you have the secrets to a smooth day of travel, enjoy your long weekend and Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Cash4Books!

Double Cash Sweepstakes


One of the most expensive seasons is approaching. December, with its holidays, family parties, countless feasts and gift-giving, certainly racks up the receipts. The average person spends an extra several hundred dollars during the holiday season. Most people don’t have that much extra cash, so Cash4Books is here to help.

The end of the semester is the perfect time to sell used textbooks. Use our new bonus code, doublecash, to get an extra 10% cash added to your total at checkout. Additionally, when you enter our Double Cash Sweepstakes, you could be the lucky winner of 100% extra cash!

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Get prepared for the holiday season, and decide what to spend your newly acquired cash on! Maybe a present for Mom, or a plane ticket home for Christmas?

Happy Holidays from Cash4Books!

Still have questions? Check out our Double Cash Sweepstakes terms and conditions:

How to Sell Your Textbooks and Get Cash Fast!


The life of a college student is busy. Like, crazy busy. We get it!

With classes, clubs, sports, friends, family, and homework to juggle, you don’t have a ton of free time. That’s why one of our missions at Cash4Books is to save you time and money. When you sell us your textbooks, we want to make sure you get your cash fast, so we’ve streamlined our book buying process to 3 simple steps!

Steps to Get Cash Fast:

  1. Input the ISBNs of the books you want to sell on our homepage. We’ll give you an instant price quote!
  2. Mail us your books for free with our prepaid label.
  3. Get your cash! On average, we’ll send it within 12 days of receiving your books.

How Cash4Books Commits to Fast Service:

When we receive your textbooks, we want to get you your money as quickly as possible. We’ve worked to streamline our internal processes so we can immediately sort and gauge the condition of your book. When we’ve confirmed the books line up with your order, we send your cash, whether via PayPal or check. Then it’s up to you to find awesome ways to spend that money!

More Ways Cash4Books Can Get You Cash:

In addition to fast service, we’re also always looking for new ways to save you cash. If you’re out of textbooks but still need help making money quick, take a look at some of our previous blog posts for more tips and suggestions:

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Now that you have the secrets to quick cash, get out there and use them!

Lifehack Guide: 4 Tips That Will Save You Cash


There are tons of ways to save cash, some of which you may never have considered!

Here are four lifehacks for saving money that you can customize for your personal use!

1. Adjust Your Thermostat

An incredibly easy, money saving lifehack is to adjust your thermostat. Try raising the maximum temperature in the summer and lowering it in the winter. Energy companies, like PGE, suggest similar strategies to save money in warm and cold weather. It’s ok to bundle up a bit at home, especially with all those cozy sweaters you’ve pulled out of storage for the winter season! Experiment a bit and see what temperature you’re comfortable with. Is 75 in the summer too hot, or just right? Is 65 in the winter too cold? Adjusting your heat and air conditioning is an easy way to save a chunk of change, and some small adjustments can make a big difference over time. Keep in mind that you don’t have to freeze or overheat to save money this way, just try changing it a few degrees. You’d be surprised how quickly it adds up!

2. Sell Your Old Devices

Don’t let your old electronics lay around unused and gathering dust. There’s no point in letting them get old. Instead, make easy cash by selling them to online technology buyback programs, like TechTwice! You can even put that cash toward buying a new phone, iPad, or anything you want! After all, it is YOUR money…

3. Set Up A Carpool

Make it a goal to carpool more and drive solo less often. Does one of your co-workers live nearby? Set up a carpool and alternate days you drive. Cutting back the number of miles you drive instantly saves on gas, as well as long-term maintenance for your car. It’s also a way to get to know someone new and socialize on your commute. Don’t have any coworkers nearby? Take a look at different carpool apps, like Carma and Hitch-A-Ride. Try it out!

4. Find Coupons and Bonus Codes

It’s time to get savvy with coupons! Online coupons and bonus codes are a great way to save money on products you’re already planning on purchasing. At Cash4Books, we have a monthly bonus code that adds additional, free cash onto your total order value! It’s a great way to make easy money selling books you don’t want or need. Additionally, there are countless coupons sites available that promote wonderful savings on everyday items.

Hurray for lifehacks! Remember, making small changes in your purchasing activity or transportation plans can save you major cash in the long run. Think of all that money you could save! All you need to do now is decide what to spend it on. Enjoy!

What Your Favorite Class Says About You…


Here at Cash4Books, we want to help you settle in at school as best we can. We’ve helped you pack, ace your test, and get the most out of college!

Now, it’s time to start picking a major. Need help with that? No problem!

Your favorite class says a lot about you, and could be helpful in picking a major. Read on to get insight into yourself, and your friends!

As a history buff, you are patient and stubborn; you have to be in order to complete all those long, intense, and sometimes boring readings for class. You’re also thoughtful, contemplative, and have a great memory (seriously, your recall on dates is awesome, and you can write an annotated bibliography at the drop of a hat – it’s your party trick). You do get annoyed when people question your favorite class. After all, you don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.

If economics is your favorite subject, you must be an analytical and driven individual. You have an eye for politics and an interest in the stock market. With your vast understanding of how the market shifts, you sometimes find yourself getting into arguments at the pub about current trends. Also, you actually love group projects! Seriously, you’re really good at them!

You’re a chemistry fan, which means you’re definitely detail oriented and a total problem solver. You might be considering med school after graduation, or maybe research. Large life questions don’t faze you, since you’re AWESOME at handling stress.

If you’re an English major, or love journalism, you’re probably an intense individual. You don’t do anything halfway, and often find yourself correcting your friends’ grammar. You are opinionated and fast to explain your point of view. Debates are the best!

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