5 Fun Ways to Make Extra Cash This Summer

June 14, 2017

From house sitting to car washing, here are five fun ways to make extra money that won’t cramp your summer schedule.

Summer is finally here, and whether you’re taking summer classes, working a summer job, or just taking time off to recoup, it’s always nice to put some extra cash in that bank account. By now, you know Cash4Books is chock-full of great ideas on how to keep the dollars flowing all year, and summertime opens up even more awesome opportunities. These fun money-making jobs keep you active, and easily fit into your summer schedule.

1. House sitting

If you’re responsible and respectful, house sitting is a great way to easily make money while having a sweet place to crash. As families head out on vacations, someone has to watch the pets, take in the mail, cut the lawn, and water the plants. Focusing on families and neighbors is the most effective way to getting customers. Try posting on a neighborhood app, such as NextDoor or your local Facebook Buy Nothing group, to open up your service area.

Earn extra: Before the family comes home, run to the store and buy some simple basics such as milk, bread, and fruit for their return.

House sitting is an easy way to make summer cash.

College students can making extra cash by house sitting.

2. Pet sitting or dog walking

Want a pet, but don’t have the time to fully commit? Pet sitting and dog walking for families and professionals is a fun and convenient summer gig that’ll test the pet-ownership waters. Some households may not need someone to stay at the house while they’re out and just want to make sure the fish, bunnies, and kitties are cuddled, fed, and have plenty of water.

Dog walkers are handy resources for busy people, and offering your services to take their four-legged friends out and about all summer or during a vacation can make you the go-to community-minded helper. And, it’s not just walking — these days owners and dogs want adventures, hikes, and swim outings with the photo updates to show how happy they are.

Earn extra: Prep the animals for the owner’s return with a quick brush (and bath if needed). Add a cute bandana around the collar to really impress.

Dog walking eases owners' minds and earns you some exercise.

Walking dogs is a fun, energetic way to make extra cash.

3. Weeding and gardening

There’s no way around it. With summer comes beautiful gardens — and lots of weeds. A bane to homeowners and gardeners, weeding takes time, and for some, is painful on backs and knees. If you like being outside, digging in the dirt, and seeing immediate results, this is a perfect fit. Not only will you get to spend your days outdoors, you’ll end each day with a sense of accomplishment … and some Instagram-worthy garden bed shots!

Earn extra: Edge the lawn for the homeowner, or pick a small bouquet and leave it on the porch after your weeding session.

Weeding and gardening can help earn extra cash.

Dig in the dirt! Gardening for your neighbors helps earn extra cash.


4. Car washing

Don’t cars just seem to operate better when they’re clean? With all the coming and going that happens in summer, automobiles can take a beating of highway bugs, dirt, grime — you name it. Busy family schedules put washing the car on the backburner. Offer a one-time wash or recurring schedule. Be sure to keep extra towels, car- and environment-safe soap, and chamois cloths handy. A vacuum and microfiber glass cloths make easy work of interior spruce-ups. If you want to be outside this summer and splash around in water, this is a win-win.

Earn extra: Check the oil and fluid levels, and let the owners know if they need a top off.

Start your own car washing business for the summer.

College students can earn extra money by washing cars.

5. Emergency kits

Everyone knows they should have emergency kits ready, but most families don’t. Offer to prepare emergency kits with food, water, and supplies. You can provide different packages for hiking, camping, cars, or natural disasters. Be clear they will pay for the items, but you’ll be doing all the legwork, and make it easy by having the owners provide a prepaid credit card for you to use. This service will be indispensable if they are ever needed (but, let’s hope not).

Earn extra: Create small first-aid car kits to stash in the trunk of their car.

Create emergency kits for homes, cars, or camping.

Make some extra money by helping people prepare emergency kits.

Inspired to get out there and make some extra cash while having fun at the same time? We hope so! Now, get moving and start seeing the money pile up. For more great money-making ideas, as well as college and savings tips, be sure to follow Cash4Books on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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