8 Study Tips for Finals Week

December 7, 2016

Here are a few great tips to help you survive finals week!

Finals week is looming, and there’s still a ton of studying to do. In fact, we know a fair number of you haven’t even considered finals yet. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Whether you’re just starting now, or have been hitting the books for weeks, these tips are for you.

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Earn Extra Cash This Holiday Season

November 30, 2016

Prepare for an expensive holiday season by budgeting in advance and making some extra cash with these tips.

The holiday season is expensive, no doubt about it. Have you planned ahead for these expenses?

  • Holiday travel. Whether you’re flying home, driving, or taking the train, don’t forget to budget travel expenses into your holiday plans. Book tickets ahead of time to save on costs, and keep an eye out for ticket sales. Keep in mind how snow and ice can affect weather plans, and try travelling as early as possible.
  • Gift giving. An obvious major holiday expense is gift giving. Whether you only give presents to your immediate family or include a wide circle of friends, be sure to plan ahead and make a budget for each gift.
  • All the food. The holiday season is known for its food. Between all the cooking, baking, and eating, food costs definitely go up in December. If you’re heading home for the holidays, you might consider chipping in on the food costs with your family so your parents aren’t left paying for everything. They’ll definitely thank you!
  • Holiday parties.  Don’t forget holiday parties when budgeting for December. Whether it’s a cookie making party, an office holiday shindig, or drinks with friends, be sure to add it to your expected expenses.

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Price Lock Bonus Code

November 21, 2016

The end of the semester is a hectic and crazy time. Between packing up to go home for the holidays and finishing up finals, selling your textbooks isn’t top of mind for anyone. Even if you price your books now, buyback prices can change constantly, and often aren’t as good in peak buyback seasons.

Lock in your textbook prices until the end of the semester, and we’ll give you 10% bonus cash. Discover the details!

Here at Cash4Books we have a solution! From now until December 9, we’ll let you lock in your textbook prices until the end of the semester, and give you 10% bonus cash. Discover the details, and snag your cash!

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How to Sell College Textbooks in 4 Easy Steps

November 9, 2016

You could finish the semester and let those textbooks stack up in your closet, dusty and forgotten. But textbooks are such a major investment, you might like to get some of that money back for a bit of fun during your downtime or creating a more relaxing dorm room. Good news: At Cash4Books, our goal is to always give you the most money back for your books!

You knew selling textbooks was easy, but you might not have known it was quite this easy. All you need is your books and their ISBNs, a computer or smart device, and a printer. If you’ve got that, you’re covered — simple, fast, and free.

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November Thanksgiving Bonus Code

November 2, 2016

We’re giving thanks this November for all of our amazing customers. We’re so appreciative of everyone who’s sold their textbooks and supported Cash4Books. Use our November code, THANKS18, and get an extra 18 percent cash added to your order. Now, go get that cash and all the delicious turkey, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes you can eat!

Sell your textbooks in November with our bonus code and get 18 percent extra cash added to your order.

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